Sunday, July 1, 2012

One of Shane's Favorite Things to Do

A while ago, I think around May sometime, Shane got a screaming deal on a rotisserie attachment for his barbecue at a yard sale. It was only $3!
Shane loves to barbecue, and he has always wanted a rotisserie, so you can just imagine how excited he was.
Today he had the chance to go ahead and finally try it out. To be honest, I'm pretty surprised it took him so long.
You could see when he was setting it all up, getting all of his seasonings ready and stuff, how excited he was lol. It was like a kid at Christmas. Which is just really foreign to me because I hate cooking. It is hot and you have to clean up afterward, which is another thing I hate lol. But he says it relaxes him, so to each their own I guess.
Anyway, here is a picture of the proud chef and his tasty chicken. Really, I have to admit, probably the best chicken I've ever tasted.
Don't be hatin on the farmer tan lol. He has worked hard on that this year peeling and all.

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