Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is my niece, Jordyn, with my dad in 2005. I just love this picture. It is so sweet, and it totally shows what a huge teddy bear my dad really is.

I used Basic Grey Bittersweet papers, My Minds Eye Paper & Tags, Sassafras buttons, and sketch #5 from 52sketches52weeks.

I'm so sad. Julie Bonner, the owner of 52 Sketches, is not moving forward with the sketch challenge site in 2010. I totally understand the decision--she wants to further explore her design career--but, I'm going to miss the inspiration. I'm sure it is a very demanding tax on her time, and her family's time though.

I just love her sketches, and I've actually exceeded my goal of doing at least 52 layouts this year, all thanks to Julie. There are other sketch sites, but I just really liked this one.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Card

I just made a quick card for my friend, Autumn, for her birthday. Hopefully she doesn't check my blog much. That's why it's not on facebook.
Anyway, I used the Home Decor Cricut cartridge for the cupcake. I embossed the bottom with the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder and the top with the swirls one (can't remember the exact name for that one). Then I put some strawberry Stickles on there--you gotta have a little bling. Or, ummm.....a lot.
The white base carde is pre-embossed with different size friend words, but you can't tell in the picture. It is a Die Cuts With a View card base.
I've been dying to use this little cupcake cut, but didn't have anything to use it on. I could have used it on Jordyn's bday card, but she needed a princess.
Anyway, thanks for looking!!

Teach Me

Shane is watching hunting shows this morning, so I was able to sneek off and do a quick scrapbook page. I used sketch #47 at 52sketches52weeks, and I already had pictures & paper in mind, so it came together pretty fast. This is all Bo-Bunny paper except the green background is Creative Imaginations.
The color in this pic isn't really right, but I had to take the pic inside. It is too windy outside to try to get a picture right now. It blew my page clear into the neighbor's yard. You should have seen me outside chasing it down in my pj's. Swearing as I went :)


Well, we went to my dad's house in Fountain Green for Thanksgiving. We drove up on Wednesday night and had a few drinks before bed. Then, we got up early, cooked, and cleaned. I tried to get some pictures, but everyone wanted to be jerks and put their hands up in front of their faces or make crude gestures with their fingers (Shane!), so I deleted them all.

Diane's mom and dad came, and that was interesting. They are religious, and none of us are. You ought to try telling Shane that he needs to be polite. And then, just to top things off, grandma didn't like big dog's. Angel is like Shane's little girl. I can understand why she didn't want the dog in the house. She could get dog hair all over in the food. And, she thought that Angel might get up on the table and get the food. If she knew her, she'd know that Angel would never dare, but whatever. Of course Shane didn't understand any of that. He was really pissy about it, but he didn't say a lot. He just stayed outside with her. So, I was left to try to explain, and let me tell you how comfortable that was.

All in all, it was an Ok day. I don't think we'll be going to Dad's for Thanksgiving again though. Not if Grandma's going to be there. Shane won't be having that. I'm just glad to have gotten home without having major drama. My dad and I are the only ones who knew what was going on the whole time, so I guess that was probably a good thing. Not so fun for us, but it didn't ruin everything.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Today

This is G after he got bucked off of our friend's horse a couple of years ago. I tried to tell him you just have to get right back on. But, he was having none of that. I don't know where he gets that stubborn streak. Must be from his dad.........:)
(The patterned stripe paper is Basic Grey, the black distressed background is Paper Loft, and the black cardstock is Bazzill. And, I used sketch #44 by Julie Bonner at 52sketches52weeks.)
My side of the family got together at my dad's house in Fountain Green this year on the 4th of July to take a ride up Maple Canyon. It is perfectly gorgeous up there. But, I still missed my fireworks. I love fireworks, red white & blue, and the 4th of July is my fave holiday.
No sketches used here--all me. I used my Base Camp Cricut cartridge for the letters & numbers, a Stampin' Up punch for the single stars, and Cricut Home Decor cartridge for the flourish star. The little stars in the "of" are from the center of the flourish star.
Shane and Garrett after a trip to Schofield last year with Shane's dad, Terry.
(used sketch #46 by Julie Bonner at
Paper and sticker letters are Bo-Bunny, and I used my Imaginisce I-Top tool to make the center brad in the flower circle.)

My niece, Jordyn, at her fifth birthday party a couple of weeks ago.
(used sketch #45 by Julie Bonner at
Paper and photo corners are from We R Memory Keepers, and Princess Arora and title are EK Success stickers.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bird Hunting

This is what my hubby, son, neighbors, and dog have been doing the last three weekends. Angel, our dog, LOVES hunting birds. It's hard for them to even get her to leave when they're done.
And, our neighbors dog, Cocoa (who is Angel's mother), loves it too.
The photos are not so great. They were taken with Shane's Blackberry, but you see what you need to.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Time

I'm so putting up my Christmas decorations this weekend.

And, I'm so changing my blog because my stupid background keeps malfunctioning.

That'll be all for now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Snow Snow go away, please come back one December day.

Today we got our first real snow. It has snowed once or twice before now, but it didn't stick, and it wasn't significant. There are at least 3"-4" on my lawn right now, and I think it's staying.

I always feel like snow starts winter, and fall isn't nearly long enough. It never has been.

That will be all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Couple of Things.....

I had to go to St. George and Cedar City for a couple of days on business, and Shane missed me so much he got me these! I love the red and yellow together. Isn't that sweet? Hmm......I should go away more often. It's sort of funny because I was gone for a week to Orlando, and he didn't miss me THIS much. lol

And, my niece, Jorydn, is having a birthday party. So, I just had to make a b-day card. I mean, how can you be a buyer for a craft chain and not make the card? You don't even know the ration I may get if I showed up with a store-bought card.
Jordyn is SO into princesses right now, and she just IS a little princess. She will be dressing as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for her party, so I thought this would be fitting. She invited some girls from school and around the neighborhood to come to a dress-up princess party. They will be decorating their own crowns and watching a princess movie.
Her mom better not show her this card before I give it to her, or she's in for it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Dad

This is a layout I have been contemplating for a while. I love this picture of me and my dad, and I really didn't want to screw it up or have it be a layout that just wasn't up to my satisfaction (I can be picky like that). I wanted it to be special, because it is very special to me.
I remember when I was little my dad would wait for us girls to get out of the bathtub, and he would brush our hair and tuck us in. And, when he was laid off of work around that same time, he would also put our hair up in curlers.
My dad is just one big ole teddy bear. But, you don't want to mess with any of his kids either. Or he will be one different kind of bear.
I love my dad very much, and I hope he knows that.