Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nice Weekend...........

Just thought I'd post something on my blog since I did say I was going to start blogging again.
This weekend has been a really nice relaxing one. At least it has for me. Shane had to work on Saturday, so his was nice, but short.
This is the first sunny weekend we've had for a few weeks. So we took advantage of it by doing almost nothing lol. On Saturday I went yard selling with our neighbors, Pam and Colin. I got an electric can opener--yay! All I've had is a hand crank one, and it's been on it's last leg forever. So I was pretty happy to get a good electric one for only $3.
Then, after we got home, we pulled out the lawn chairs and hung out with the neighbors some more. They were tilling up their garden and doing some yard work, so we visited for a bit.
Today was pretty nice, so I decided to make it somewhat productive. I pulled all of my car washing stuff out and spent almost all day cleaning the car thoroughly. I love having a nice clean car again!
Shane and I have been taking walks for a few nights now, but last night we took a longer one, and I'm pretty sure I hurt myself. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and the walk last night seems to have really inflamed it. I hope I can keep walking because I was really starting to like it. My right knee hurts now too, but I think that is because I was compensating for the pain in my foot.
I have been wanting to do more scrapbooking and cardmaking. But, when it is sunny outside, it is really hard to want to stay in at all. Maybe I'll have to get my cousin, Cassie, to plan another card exchange just to get me some new motivation going.
Well, on that note, I am tired, so I guess I will head to bed. Here's to nice, relaxing and sunny weekends!