Scrapbook Pages Gallery

This is a place where you can view all of my scrapbook pages old and new. I would love to say I put them in order, but I am not that organized lol. I don't even scrapbook in order. I scrap whatever the mood strikes for me at the moment.
Sorry that some of these are turned. I can't figure out how to turn them back. I might try loading them with Photobucket if I get a chance later. 

Project Life type pages on our September 2012 hunting trip.

Project Life type pages on our hunting trip this last September (2013).

Some digital pages I did with My Digital Studio lately. I'm LOVING this program. I can scrap faster, print when I have a bunch, make books and calendars, the possibilities are endles. And now it is only $19.95! I'm not a Stampin Up demonstrator or affiliate. I'm just a really happy customer lol.

Some from my New York trip with my sisters in 2008

Some from Shane's Alaska album. I need to redo these. They aren't as pretty as I'd like them to be :)


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