Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is a page I did for a challenge over at the Scrapbook Challenges website. The challenge was to do a page about you. It could be about anything as long as it had a picture of you and had something to do with your life.
I decided to do a page about my feelings on being unemployed over the last 9 weeks since this is what is on my mind most of the time these days.
The color here seem a little bit brighter than they look in real life. The red is a little less bright, but you get the idea anyway.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Here are the Christmas deco pictures I promised yesterday.

This guy is a new addition this year. He's wearing an honorary garland scarf.
This one you are all probably familiar with if you've known me very long. He gets gussied up every year for Christmas with a 49ers bulb on the right and a Broncos bulb on the left antlers.
That's our huge mondo tv under it now. He's a tight fit lol.
My small little 4' tree. So much easier to decorate than the 7.5' monster we had before.
Small wreath on kitchen wall--looks better in real life.
Large wreath on front door that I made myself.
Wreath on back door.
Snow guys on kitchen wall.
Christmas tree frame with a picture of G as a baby--chubby cheekies! Ignore the dirt on the planter.
Santa and tree in kitchen window (next to the butt of Shane's goose lol. The joys of being married to Huntie Hunterson).
Little plush moose thing on floor next to tv.
Wood "toolbox" with Christmas cards in it on other side of tv.
Snowman wood treehouse looking thing on kitchen counter.
I love Christmas. My house seems more homey now lol.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so you know what that means! Yep, I got all my Christmas decorations out today. I have everything out except the Christmas tree. I need Shane to help me move a little bit of furniture and stuff and he is out hunting pheasants with Garrett and the neighbor boys this afternoon.
I didn't want to post pictures without the tree, so I'll do that this week sometime.
I like to have my Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving dinner. I just think it is a great kickoff to the holiday season. It feels cozy and warm and really puts me in the holiday spirit.
I have a deer stew in the crockpot, so I'm all sorts of cozied out tonight.
Now all I need is Shane to hook up the stereo again so I can play me some John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas. That is almost the only Christmas music I like. There are a few exceptions. I really like the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and I like a few Chipmunks songs lol. And some Alan Jackson.
John Denver makes me think of my mom. She loved that album too. I miss her all the time, but it is Christmas that I think of her the most. I have some of her Christmas decorations and they bring back memories of how special she made Christmas for our family. That's where I get my love for the decorations. I don't remember much holiday decor in our house during my childhood except at Christmas. Miss you mom.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I can hear! It's a glorious thing lol. I decided I had to go to the doctor because it had been three weeks since I've been able to hear out of my right ear much at all. I was thinking it was water in my ear because it happened right after a shower. I googled that, and everything I found said that you had to let it go away on it's own and that it could take months. Ugghhh! I was going to try to wait it out though. But, it was bugging me so bad I couldn't handle it anymore. It didn't hurt or anything, but it was really bugging.
Anyhow, the doctor took one look in my ear and told me that I had a ton of blockage (earwax......ewwww!). They brought in an irrigation bottle, and it only took about 5 minutes before I could hear again. Yay! I was dizzy afterward though. I guess it was throwing my balance off.
Then I got back in my car and turned it on. Whoa! My music was up way loud hee hee.
I'm so happy to be able to hold a normal conversation again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Just a couple more cards to share. I haven't even made it through half of my stamp sets yet (yeesh!), and I already have my eye on some new ones lol. Maybe I should go through and sell some of these older ones that I don't think I'll use too much. Hmmm.....

I love the colors and the papers on this one, but the card is just okay. I used an old stamp set called Lexicon of Love from Stampin' Up, and the paper is really old Chatterbox from my humongous stash. Ribbon is from the dollar store. I love the scallop circle punches from SU too.
I {heart} this card. I really like the way it turned out. The stamp set is big pieces, and I printed the sentiment off of the computer because I didn't have a birthday set that would fit in the circle. The paper is My Minds Eye. And I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder on the background green. I think this is also dollar store ribbon.

Friday, November 12, 2010


As promised, below are the pictures from Jordyn's Pinkalicious Birthday party on Wednesday evening. We had a great time, and tons of little girls showed up to wish Jordy a happy birthday.

Making their own Pinkalicious wands
Cousin, Julia, reading the Pinkalicious book to everyone
Some seriously good homemade Pinkalicious cupcakes
Sweet birthday girl enjoying said homemade delicious cupcake
Opening presents!
The Pinkalicious Birthday crew--excluding cousins and aunties in attendance
A picture with Aunt Shell

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11*10*10 (again)

Just wanted to say
to the cutest little girl I know.

Today is my niece, Jordyn's, 6th birthday. She is smart, beautiful, funny, and she loves her family more than anything. We love her just as much as she loves us and we all want to wish her the happiest birthday ever!

This is Jordy at her princess party last year. This year she is having a fabulous Pinkalicious party. Pictures to come.


I washed Garrett's iPod in the laundry yesterday! Dah...........that is the second time this has happened. I tried to turn it on (ya right, like it's really going to work), and nothing happens. I looked up some stuff on the internet to see if I could possibly save it. Everything I've found is saying that you should put it under a light, sunlight, or other low heat source for a few hours and then bury it in a bag of dry (uncooked) rice for a couple of weeks. Supposedly the rice is supposed to draw the water out.
I hope it works, but I'm pretty skeptical. There were several reports on many websites both ways. But more bad than good results--especially after running it through a full cycle in the washing machine. I'm thinking I know what one of G's Christmas presents will have to be.
I cannot count how many times I have told him to check his pockets before throwing things in the laundry. I've been surprised (aka scared out of my wits by snakes, bugs, mice, etc) and/or physically injured by things in people's pockets. That is why I refuse to check pockets. So, in my eyes, it is 85% his fault that this even happened.
I was pretty pissed at first (if you can't tell), but then I realized, after reading A LOT of stories on the internet, that this is a pretty common accident among teenagers.
Maybe I should start checking pockets. Maybe I should have learned that the first time this happened. Grrrrr........

Monday, November 8, 2010


Just wanted to say how much fun I had hanging with some of my besties from the old Auto Meter days on Sunday. Autumn, Beth, Jacki, and I went to Chili's to do a little catching up, reminiscing, and just a tiny bit of gossip lol. I've missed them so much! I think it's been almost a year (if not more than that) since I last saw any of these girls. Life gets in the way sometimes, and it's hard to get 4 people on the same schedule, but it's so worth it. We need to do this again~and way sooner next time.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Some more cards I've done on my quest to use all of my stamp sets at least once!

I don't really like this one, but I guess it'g growing on me.
I love this card. The colors and the layout are really pretty in real life. Don't know if you can tell, but it opens up where the scallop is. The brown strip on the side is actually part of the inside of the card.
I have this in mind for a friends birthday coming up.
This is the inside of the above card. Cute huh?
Cute boys card
I smeared the black ink on this one. I'm impatient. Couldn't wait for it to dry.
This will be my niece's birthday card. She's having a Pinkalicious birthday party. I didn't know who Pinkalicious was. So I looked into it, and it's a really cute book series for kids. I guess Pinkalicious likes cupcakes. That was my inspiration for this card.
This is a smaller 3x3 gift tag type card.
I've wanted to try these stacked handmade paper flowers forever. I love it. I think I did okay for my first try.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I can't hear! Bah...............I hate this. I was cleaning my ears out after a shower yesterday morning, and I think I pushed a little too hard with the q-tip. I know I'm not supposed to stick things in my ears, but I felt something in there. Well, looks like I pushed it way down in. Now I have a clogged ear, and it feels like it will never go away lol.
I tried hydrogen peroxide, and nothing happened. Then I tried some ear candles today. They got ALOT of wax out of my ears, but I still can't hear. I've been told to try a decongestant, but I don't think that will work. I'm not congested. I have no problem with my sinuses. Just my ears. I've also been told to try a nettie pot. That looks gross, but I guess it could work. I just don't see how pouring water into my nasal passages is going to help my ears?
I may have to go to the doctor. But, I don't want to because I've already spent $15 trying to get rid of this and now I don't really have the copay. Plus, there is still a billing problem with Garrett's broken arm. So, they will harass me about that.
Such is life..................

Monday, November 1, 2010


I decided to do a scrapbook page because while trying to use my old stamps, I came across this big alphabet stamp set. Probably not suitable for a card lol. Since Halloween is fresh in my mind, I chose to do the pictures that I posted yesterday of Saturday night.
This picture really sucks. It makes my pictures look really grainy and overexposed, but they are much better in real life. I printed them at home though, and I'm still not really happy with them. So, I'll probably reprint them at Walmart and stick them over these lol. Prints from our computer never turn out very well.