Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I washed Garrett's iPod in the laundry yesterday! Dah...........that is the second time this has happened. I tried to turn it on (ya right, like it's really going to work), and nothing happens. I looked up some stuff on the internet to see if I could possibly save it. Everything I've found is saying that you should put it under a light, sunlight, or other low heat source for a few hours and then bury it in a bag of dry (uncooked) rice for a couple of weeks. Supposedly the rice is supposed to draw the water out.
I hope it works, but I'm pretty skeptical. There were several reports on many websites both ways. But more bad than good results--especially after running it through a full cycle in the washing machine. I'm thinking I know what one of G's Christmas presents will have to be.
I cannot count how many times I have told him to check his pockets before throwing things in the laundry. I've been surprised (aka scared out of my wits by snakes, bugs, mice, etc) and/or physically injured by things in people's pockets. That is why I refuse to check pockets. So, in my eyes, it is 85% his fault that this even happened.
I was pretty pissed at first (if you can't tell), but then I realized, after reading A LOT of stories on the internet, that this is a pretty common accident among teenagers.
Maybe I should start checking pockets. Maybe I should have learned that the first time this happened. Grrrrr........

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