Monday, November 22, 2010


Here are the Christmas deco pictures I promised yesterday.

This guy is a new addition this year. He's wearing an honorary garland scarf.
This one you are all probably familiar with if you've known me very long. He gets gussied up every year for Christmas with a 49ers bulb on the right and a Broncos bulb on the left antlers.
That's our huge mondo tv under it now. He's a tight fit lol.
My small little 4' tree. So much easier to decorate than the 7.5' monster we had before.
Small wreath on kitchen wall--looks better in real life.
Large wreath on front door that I made myself.
Wreath on back door.
Snow guys on kitchen wall.
Christmas tree frame with a picture of G as a baby--chubby cheekies! Ignore the dirt on the planter.
Santa and tree in kitchen window (next to the butt of Shane's goose lol. The joys of being married to Huntie Hunterson).
Little plush moose thing on floor next to tv.
Wood "toolbox" with Christmas cards in it on other side of tv.
Snowman wood treehouse looking thing on kitchen counter.
I love Christmas. My house seems more homey now lol.


LacyAsher#1 said...

I love it too!!! My lights and stuff are all up and it just makes me happy. This is the most xmas lights that I have ever put outside and I love it!!! Super cute decorations sista!

Lynnie said...

You have inspired me! I may get off my butt and put the tree up this weekend :) Love your blog.