Wednesday, December 28, 2011 much to say.......long post

Wow, I haven't really blogged in like forever! So much going on. I always used to wonder why people talked about the holidays being so busy. Never seemed that bad to me until this year lol. Maybe that's because I chose to make a lot of my gifts this year. That actually turned out really well. At least I think so. But dang it was time consuming! If I ever do that again, I'll need to start much earlier. I also make my own Christmas cards, and every year it seems like the list gets longer lol. But I enjoy it. Some of them didn't get out until a few days before Christmas though. But, oh well. They got out didn't they?
Anyway, so I guess I'll start from November and go forward lol. And I'll probably forget something.
Nov 13 my sisters and I went to Disney on Ice with my niece, Jordyn, for her birthday. We had lots of fun. Most of the pics didn't really turn out, but this is my favorite lol. She really liked the popcorn!
Nov 22 I went to my sister, Lacy's, medical assisting class to let her draw my blood. Ack! I was scared. I had a bad experience with a phlebotomist once lol. But, she actually did really well. I'm putting this on here because I am really proud of her for going through schooling. And I think she is really going to like this profession.
Nov 24 was of course Thanksgiving. I didn't take any pictures this year because they would be the same as any other recent year, and that can get boring lol. We had a nice quiet dinner here at home with just my little family. Shane's dad came over for about an hour and ate with us. Then my dad and his girlfriend, Diane, came over later for some pie and to visit.
That same weekend, we went down to my dad's house for a short visit. Shane, Dad, and G went 4-wheeling. But before I would let them go, I made Shane and G take family pictures. If I waited they would have been all muddy and gross. Kaitlyn, my soon to be step-sister, took these. She is only 17--pretty good huh? Considering the sun was in our face (that's the reason for Shane's expression lol).
Isn't G getting so handsome?
Dec 3 Lacy and I boarded a plane for Boston! Kim was working close to there and flew us out for another awesome girls weekend. Of course, I don't have room to post all the pictures here. But, most of you are friends with all three of us on facebook. And we all have pictures posted there.
The first day we were in Salem--you know we had to do the whole witch thing, right? Then Boston on Sunday, where we saw A LOT of cool historic shiz, and on Monday we spent most of the day before flying out on a quest to get awesome lighthouse pictures in and around Gloucester. I think we did pretty well for such a short trip lol.
Salem Witch Museum
Having a locally brewed beer (a huge thing in Boston)
 The crew with our walking tour guide, Tim. He was cute :)
Me and one of the MANY views from the Prudential Tower
 Same lighthouse, different view--I took that from my cell phone!
Another cell phone pic
Same lighthouse, before the sunset
And a GORGEOUS sunset--did you know the sun sets at like 4:00 there? OMG. That sucked.
Moving on. Dec 9 was my birthday. So that Saturday Shane took me to see Breaking Dawn. LOVED it. CAN'T WAIT for the conclusion (even though I know what is going to happen lol).
Dec 17th my sisters and I took the kids up to Temple Square. But first, Lacy and Dusty took a bunch of us out to dinner. Dusty cashed out some of his shares in the company he works for, and they paid off their house and a bunch of other bills! So it was sort of a celebration dinner. And they really just wanted to take everyone out somewhere nice while they could.
My mom and dad used to take us kids to Temple Square each year, and I think we're making a comeback on that tradition. We love it. Even if we aren't Mormon. There is a manger scene set up and a recording of the story of Christmas plays. And there is a huge statue of Jesus in what I have called the 'blue room' since I was little lol. It looks like the sky. I think it's beautiful. 
At the Trax Station
 The gorgeous temple building
 The 'blue room' lol--my favorite
Then, the next day (Dec 18th), Dusty and Lacy took just my family out to Red Lobster. Shane didn't make it the first night, and Dusty really wanted to see him and take him out too. Aww......bromance! Lol. So we went to Shane's favorite place. Man was that expensive. But the look on his face when he got his dinner......priceless! I have never gotten him to smile like that for a picture. He was in 7th heaven.
And then, of course, there was Christmas. I didn't take pictures--bad scrapbooking mama! I just didn't feel like it. It's less exciting when everyone complains about it and no one wants them but me. 
We went to my dad's house on Friday night (the 23rd) and spent time with our family, and our soon to be step-family! Yes that's right. It finally happened. My dad and Diane are engaged! Here's the ring. Fuzzy cell phone pic, but you get it. I think this all happened somewhere around the 17th.
I believe someone has pictures from Dad's house that night with the gift exchange and stuff. I just need to get them. So I will post when I get something usable lol. 
On Saturday, we stayed out in the living room on our air mattress and opened gifts at midnight again. I like that new tradition. It's pretty fun. 
This year G just got a game he's been wanting, some game accessories (headset, Live membership, etc.), and clothes. Again, nothing exciting. But I'll probably get pictures of something eventually and scrap it anyway.
Here are some last pictures of gifts I made (I won't bore you with the same ole ones from the last post). It's too bad I didn't get pics of the other girls hat and scarf sets. They turned out really cute. I thought I did, but guess I was in a hurry. 
Oi Vey! That is a terrible picture of me. But, these are the headwraps I made for all the girls--6 sets.
Blurry cell phone pic, but still--you see it.
These are the 5 different styles of cards I made for my cousin, Arian, to send out. She paid me people. I don't do this for free lol--too much time and money.
And, finally, our Christmas cards this year. We sent them with a family picture.
Wow. That was L-O-N-G. Hope someone is still with me here lol. That's it for catching up for now.
Here's to the new year! I hope it is blessed for everyone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm still alive

I'm still alive. I'm just hellish busy trying to get these darn Christmas gifts done. I'm thinking now that I bit off more than I can chew. Especially since I didn't get the bright idea to crochet everyone's gifts until freaking November. I've finished doing all of the hats and scarves for 4 little kids on my side of the family, and I got one adult scarf done. But I still have gifts to do for 11 adults and one kid! There is just no way I'm going to get that many done in 5 weeks. No way. Good think I just got a nice raise. Me thinks I'll be buying a few things lol.
Here are some pictures I took with my phone--not the best quality, but they'll do. These are some of the scarves/hats I have done so far. I don't have pics of two of the sets. But they are just like the curly scarf and matching hat here, only in different colors. One of them is in bright rainbow colors, and the other is in purple and aquas. I still need to do a small one for a little boy. I'm thinking greens because I still have yarn left over from Andy's birthday gift.
I gotta tell ya--this will probably never happen again lol. My hands hurt so bad. I forgot how hard it was for me to crochet. I won't be forget that again very soon at all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sad Story in Yesterday's News

I saw a new's story yesterday morning on facebook, and I am still just really upset about it. I don't think any news story I have ever seen has ever gotten to me like this one did. It was about a 13 year-old boy in West Jordan (Utah) who was hit by a car and killed while trying to cross the street on his way to school. You can find the KUTV News article here.
I am just so emotional over it. Maybe it's just because it's coming up on that time of month--I'm always pretty emotional then. But I just keep thinking about it, and then tears fill my eyes. He was just one year younger than my Garrett. What if that were to ever happen to him? I just couldn't bear it.
I feel so bad for his parents. I guess it was right next to their home too, so the mother heard the sirens and walked out the door to see the ambulance. She said as she ran and got closer she saw his shoes in the road and she just went numb. How terrible.
I even talked to Garrett about it this morning on the way to school. He said, "Mom you don't need to worry about that. I look for cars." Well, I don't know what happened. Maybe he didn't look. But maybe the driver was texting or maybe he just lost control. Maybe he did look, but he didn't see the car. Maybe the driver didn't see him. Maybe he just misjudged how far it was from him. Who knows? I'm sure there will be more details later. But I just told G that he needed to make sure he was looking really well. And this was a really hard lesson for me about texting and driving as well. And about making sure I am not in too big of a hurry in the morning while driving G to school.
I mean, I don't know what happened. I just know that I can do better. And I'm afraid that G could too. And I just don't think I'd ever be able to live with myself if someone died because of my irresponsibility.  The driver was only 19 years old. This will haunt him forever, whether it was his fault or not.
Just had to blog my thoughts. I'm disturbed about it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been Busy

I feel like I'm always making the same excuse for not blogging lately--I'm busy lol.  I really am super busy though. Seems like I never have a spare second anymore. And when I do, I'm busy hanging with my sisters or trying to squeeze in a little crafty time lol.
I love hunting season for that very reason--while the boys are away, the sisters can play lol. We've been hanging out a lot lately. Shopping, talking, Witches Night Out, more shopping. I love it.

These are from WNO on October 15th at Gardner Village.

I've also been busy crafting my little heart out. I am trying to make most of my Christmas gifts this year, but since I got a late start, I'm not sure how well that is going to work. I hope I get to though, because I like it, and because I have no money honey!
This is a scarf I finished today for my niece, Jordyn. Her coat is white with hot pink and black butterflies, so I tried to match it a bit. It seems a little long though. I'll have to make the other girls shorter. But, she can wrap it. I'm hoping to be able to make matching hats with flowers on them, but I'm just going to start off with the scarves for now.
And, this is a scarf and hat set that I made for my brother's birthday. He turned 23 on October 20th. I was really touched because I called to say I couldn't afford to get him a gift, but I had yarn if he would like a hat and scarf. He actually seemed really excited about it and told me he loved the one I made a couple years ago but needed new ones.
And, I finally got Shane and Garrett to carve pumpkins with me tonight. I can't say they were totally happy about it, but I think it worked out well in the end lol. They were tired and grumpy from hunting every day this week and not getting a deer. They probably just wanted to relax, but sometimes I have to force a little family time in :)

Ok. I think I've got all of the important stuff in there for tonight. Til next time........

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Crafty!

So, I got a call from my boss last night saying that we weren't going to be working today because it is a federal holiday (Columbus Day). We ship 95% of our orders USPS, so no shipping=no work.
My first thought was, boo for the paycheck. But, immediately after that I thought, "Yay, I can do something crafty!" Lol. Seriously. I've been deprived lately.
Long story short, I ended up cleaning most of the day and had to run some grocery store errands that have been neglected. So I didn't get to play til this evening. But still, I wouldn't have been able to play at all if I had gone to work.
I found this tutorial from The DIY Dish on Pinterest--I heart Pinterest--and just had to try it. Here is my finished scarf.
I wish I would have taken pics while I was making it, but I did it while watching tv with the hubby. It seriously only took like 15-20 minutes start to finish. No sewing! All you need is scissors, a t-shirt, and some fabric glue. Easy peasy!
I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed because I thought it would be fuller. But I think it's because the t-shirt I used was pretty thin. I used a 2X size shirt, but it still only got me about 10 rounds. You can buy t-shirt material (jersey knit), but it's like $12.99 a yard! No thanks.
Anyway, just one tip if you are thinking about trying this. When the video says that she cuts about 2" from the edge of the round, she means it lol. I tried doing it narrower because I wanted to have more strands. But they just turned out stringy and with less curl. That is probably part of my fullness problem as well.
All I had to buy for this was fabric glue. And I'm sure I can find some future uses for that. So, for almost free, I say it turned out pretty well. It's a keeper.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Camping Pics and A Bit of Craftiness

So, I know I said I would post pictures of camping, but there are tons, and I don't feel like sorting them out. And anyone who would really be interested in them would be family and friends that will see them on facebook anyway. But I will share just a couple of great scenery pics real quick so anyone who doesn't live here or hasn't experienced our mountains can be totally jealous.
Sorry for some of the blurry photos. They were taken from a moving vehicle. Can't make the guys stop while hunting just to take pictures of pretty things :)
 Bet ya aren't jealous of that ! I wouldn't be. It feels too early for snow :(
Had to throw this in--My nephew, Ryan, loved petting the fallow deer behind a local restaurant at the base of the mountain where we hunt.
Now, onto some craftiness. I am so happy to actually be crafting again you have no idea. I just really haven't had time lately for any crafting. So I was really itching to do something. And it doesn't help that I'm addicted to Pinterest now. There are so many amazing crafts on there! Seriously. I could be on there all day. And, honestly, I was most of today :)
I bought a clear checkbook cover with a scrappy insert at a local boutique a while ago. I loved it at the time, but it really wasn't my style anymore. And I really just bought it so that I'd be able to make my own eventually anyway.
So, today I made this! Sorry for the quality of the photo. I took it inside at night, so not the greatest conditions.

I super love it. It reminds me of Twilight lol. And I just got a new-to-me red purse at the thrift store, so it matches perfect. It has some bling, and y'all know I love black and white damask. The polka dots are like icing on the cake.
I also ordered some more of these clear covers to make as gifts for Christmas. I'm totally broke this year, so a lot of the gifts I give will be homemade. I know most people don't use checks much anymore, but I still send some of my bills off by check. And I know that once in a while we all have to use them for one reason or another. At least I hope so. Or my gift will be lame!
Here are the materials I used--just in case you want to know:
Clear Checkbook Cover--Unknown
Black Cardstock Base--Roberts Crafts
Black & White Damask/Dot Paper--Lasting Impressions
Black Ink (on edges of white)--Versacraft
Red Grosgrain Ribbon--Offray
Scallop Circle and 1-3/8" Circle Punches--Stampin Up!
"S" Sticker--Basic Grey
Red Marker (colored over brighter red on "S")--Stampin Up!
Red Jewels--My Minds Eye
Adhesive--"X" adhesive from Xyron used on "S", sticky strip used on ribbon--Provo Craft, Tombo Mono Permanent Adhesive for the rest