Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been Busy

I feel like I'm always making the same excuse for not blogging lately--I'm busy lol.  I really am super busy though. Seems like I never have a spare second anymore. And when I do, I'm busy hanging with my sisters or trying to squeeze in a little crafty time lol.
I love hunting season for that very reason--while the boys are away, the sisters can play lol. We've been hanging out a lot lately. Shopping, talking, Witches Night Out, more shopping. I love it.

These are from WNO on October 15th at Gardner Village.

I've also been busy crafting my little heart out. I am trying to make most of my Christmas gifts this year, but since I got a late start, I'm not sure how well that is going to work. I hope I get to though, because I like it, and because I have no money honey!
This is a scarf I finished today for my niece, Jordyn. Her coat is white with hot pink and black butterflies, so I tried to match it a bit. It seems a little long though. I'll have to make the other girls shorter. But, she can wrap it. I'm hoping to be able to make matching hats with flowers on them, but I'm just going to start off with the scarves for now.
And, this is a scarf and hat set that I made for my brother's birthday. He turned 23 on October 20th. I was really touched because I called to say I couldn't afford to get him a gift, but I had yarn if he would like a hat and scarf. He actually seemed really excited about it and told me he loved the one I made a couple years ago but needed new ones.
And, I finally got Shane and Garrett to carve pumpkins with me tonight. I can't say they were totally happy about it, but I think it worked out well in the end lol. They were tired and grumpy from hunting every day this week and not getting a deer. They probably just wanted to relax, but sometimes I have to force a little family time in :)

Ok. I think I've got all of the important stuff in there for tonight. Til next time........

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