Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back....Sort of

Sorry I have been MIA lately. We left on a hunting trip on September 24th and didn't come home until October 2nd. We had lots of fun. Didn't harvest a deer, but the hunt doesn't end until Thursday night--so the fat lady isn't singing just yet. That's actually why I haven't posted much lately. Between working, trying to unload the camp trailer, and driving up the canyon every  night to go hunting, I just don't have a spare minute. We actually stayed in last night because Shane is exhausted, and I needed to get some laundry done.
Anyway, I will try to get on sometime this weekend (or maybe sooner depending on what we do with the hunting schedule) and post some pictures. I didn't get much of people because we spent a lot of time in the trucks or just sitting around. I did take one 4-wheeler trip with the hubby, but we were hunting, so I didn't dare ask Shane to stop and take pics lol.  But I got some amazing scenery pictures.
Ta ta for now.

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