Monday, December 29, 2008


We spent the weekend before Christmas at my dad's house in Fountain Green. We exchanged family gifts and had some great times goofing off and playing games. Lacy and Dusty brought down the Wii, and I think my dad wants one now so he can play golf in winter lol. Fun times.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Painting My Nails......

I felt like I should update my blog. But I don't have much of anything interesting to say. So, I'm going to post a picture of my pretty fingernails. They will not stay pretty very long. But, I've been inspired by my boss to try to keep them painted, even if I have to do it every freakin day lol. Hers are always so pretty. I'm so jealous of her long slender fingers, but hey, I'll work with what I have. She paints hers on a regular basis too. Maybe not every day, but close. They look a lot nicer, and it might actually keep me from biting them. We'll see how this works out.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods............

We're going to my dad's house today, aka Grandpa Stoker. That is sort of weird for me to say to my son. Because I remember Grandpa Stoker, and he wasn't my dad lol. He was a great grandpa. He used to always be in the living room when we came over and he would say, "Well, hello boys!". Then we'd say, "Grandpa, we're girls". And he'd say, "You're girdles? My my." or something like that. We'd go back and forth for a couple minutes, and he'd give us great big hugs. Wow, sometimes I really miss my dad's parents. They are both gone now. Grandpa died when I was only 11, and grandma sometime after I'd gotten married. I should have gone to see her more.
Anyway, back to my original thought..........We're traveling to my dad's house today for our annual family get together. Should be really fun. We always have fun with my family. Everyone will be there and I'm pretty excited. We're going to have a nice dinner, open presents, have a little nightcap, and maybe play some games. Then we'll drive home on Sunday morning.
We can't go down earlier because we have a Christmas party for my mom's side of the family at 3:00 this afternoon, which I'm also pretty psyched about. Maybe I'll see some cousins or aunts & uncles that I don't get to see very often.
Just wanted to update my blog since I haven't for a little bit. So busy this time of year, you know?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I {Heart} Your Blog Award

I was awarded the I {Heart} Your Blog award by my awesome friend Tiffany. Thanks Tiff! This is really cool for me since I just barely started blogging in August. I have to say, it is definately addictive. It is also an awesome way to keep your family and friends tuned in to what's going on in your life. I love reading other people's blogs. Even just surfing around blogs of people that I don't know. It can be a good way to meet people too.

Here are the rules: I get to {heart} seven other blogs that I love reading. If your blog makes my list, you get to post your award, thank the person who gave it to you (that's me!) and then choose seven other blogs that you feel deserve this awesome award.

And the awards go to...






tracer (newbie)

kaylyn (also a newbie)

Have fun chicas--I love your blogs.

Today is my birthday!

Truthfully, I really don't mind having birthdays. I have an excellent hair colorist that keeps most of the evidence of my age well hidden lol. Seriously though, I really haven't ever minded my age. I'm only 33, but some people (like my son) might consider that old. I kind of feel like it is still just the beginning of my life.
Today I woke up early and went to work (so I could get off early). The girls at work were sweet. They gave me an assortment of scrapbooking cardstock that would have cost me $50 on sale! One of my good friends also gave me some Victoria's Secret lotion and body spray that I love. They bought me lunch at China Wok, and later we had chocolate cake.
When my sister, Kim, was here for Thanksgiving, she bought me the Making Memories embellishment center that I've been drooling over for months. Thanks sis!
After work I went shopping at the mall, bought a couple pairs of PJ's that I love, got some new earrings, took my wedding ring to be repaired (OMG--one of my diamonds fell out--another story for another day), and squoze in a Diet Coke on the way out.
I bought dinner on the way home (yes, I didn't have to cook). And, I was pleasantly surprised by 2 dozen mini roses and a birthday card when I got home. You have to know my hubby. He's never been very sentimental and we haven't exchanged gifts for almost anything up until the last couple of years.
Not bad eh? Have to do that again next year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I just love Christmas. I remember my mom enjoyed it so much when we were little, and I guess it must have rubbed off on me. I love the decorations, music, colors, smells, ........everything. Here are a couple of pics of things that help me get in the mood for Christmas:

My small little 4-foot tree. We have a 7.5 foot tree, but it is just really huge for our living room. This one is cute, easy to put up, decorate, and take down.
Close-up of my deco this year. I decided to do the red and gold thing. Last year I did the old-fashioned homeade thing. It was cute, but I've done a few years in a row.

This is the stocking I was brought home in. My birthday is Dec 9th. It's a sentimental reminder of my mom for me.
Santa candy dish
Candle centerpiece
Stockings--sorry no chimney

Shane's prize deer with our SF 49ers and Denver Broncos ornaments hanging from the antlers
My children lol


8 Things
I've been tagged by my friend and Stampin' Up demonstrator, Loni Spendlove. Thanks friend!My answers are in no particular order of favorites, just as random as my mind wants to travel.
8 TV Shows I Watch (If I have time...sometimes that can be in scarce supply you know)
1. What Not to Wear
2. House Hunters
3. Sell This House
4. John & Kate plus 8
8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Olive Garden
2. Magleby's (have you had their chocolate cake--so good!
3. Bajio
4. Kneaders
5. Cafe Rio
6. Los Hermanos
7. Subway
8. Mi Ranchito

8 Favorite Singers/Bands
1. Reba
2. Nickelback
3. Beatles--mom's fault
4. Pretty much anything from the 80's
5. Really like a lot of 60's music, but don't know the names of the singers.
6. Madonna--the old stuff.
7. Rhianna
8. Cherish

8 books I have read (and recommend)
1. Harry Potter Series
2. Twilight Series
3. Anything by Mary Higgins Clark--I love a mystery
4. Anything by John Grisham
5. Flowers In the Attic--seriously? I know. But I love it.
6. Gone With the Wind
7. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak-really a good read
8. The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Got up on time--yay
2. Went to Victoria's Secret at lunch with work friends--that was a good break lol.
3. Lacy's Stampin Up Party--so fun
4. Laundry
5. Totally screwed up my Weight Watcher's points for this week--Pizza is actually the devil!
6. Bought some Christmas presents--only one person left (that I can think of right now).
7. Finished one more section in Hunter's Safety with Garrett (doing an online class).
8. Mailed off bills--boring!

8 things I am looking forward to
1. Christmas--can't help it. I just love it.
2. My birthday--going shopping for clothes (losing weight makes you a clothes horse lol)
3. Having all debts paid off (wonder if that's really ever going to happen?)
4. Finishing Shane's afghan that I've been working on for 7 years--I know how to procrastinate
5. Snow--really--where is it?
6. Reaching goal weight--hope that happens some day
7. Finishing my Christmas cards
8. Making time to work on my scrapbooks

8 things I wish for
1. Happiness for Garrett--he's my only baby
2. Unlimited patience--(sorry to steal your first 2 answers Loni, but they were good ones lol)
3. More time for everything. I remember when I just wanted to grow up. Now, I just want it all to slow down a little.
4. More time to be creative.
5. For Shane (hubby) to stop stressing about every little thing. He needs to learn how to chillax
6. A bigger house
7. A maid--selfish but true. I hate cleaning.
8. World Peace

8 people I am tagging
1. Alicia M
2. Tiffany S
3. Jacki C
4. Kalynn W
I'm out of people lol.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had lots of fun on Thanksgiving this year. My entire family was in attendance (which can be a challenge sometimes). We had dinner, the men played some poker, us girls played some hangman (LOL), and the kiddles played a few video games. We stuffed ourselves silly and had a great time doing it. I'm sure I'll be sorry for that comment come weigh-in day, but it is what it is. Here are some pics of the fam:
Dad carving the bird:
The Feast:


The "adults":

Yes, I did take this picture of myself. In my own defense, I had none of me on my own camera. Kim has the ones of me and Lacy cooking. So, I wanted to include myself. I hate this picture, so it cancels out the cheesiness of taking my own pic lol.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Tag

So, I saw this tag on someone else's blog. And, although they didn't tag me, I thought it looked like fun. What you are supposed to do is find the sixth picture in the sixth folder in My Pictures (or whatever location you save your pics at on your computer). I'm glad it wasn't an embarrasing pic! But, since I didn't have to play, I guess you wouldn't know if it was lol. Here is mine:

I tag:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Mood

I can't help it. I am so in the mood for Christmas. It really has nothing to do with presents or anything like that. I just like the mood and the decorations and the music. I like to just walk around the mall and look at the decorations and listen to the music playing. I've been playing Christmas music in my car over the last couple of days, and it just makes me happy. My husband got in the car last night to go to dinner, and I had John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas playing. He was like, "OMG, seriously?". LOL. I can't wait to put my tree up and all my decorations. He won't let me until at least this weekend. I always have them up before Thanksgiving though.
I also like how there are many opportunities at this time of year to give to those less fortunate even if you don't have a lot. There are lots of drives for food and gently used clothing or toys. It warms my heart to be able to give what I can and know someone can benefit. I know we can do these things all year, but at this time of year it is really important. It's really cold outside, and the need is more pressing. I encourage everyone to do their part this season to help a less fortunate family have a merrier Christmas.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Girl

This is my niece Jordyn. She will be 4 yrs old on Monday. I can't believe how fast she has grown up. Look at those big innocent blue eyes. She could melt a heart in less than 30 seconds flat lol. We had her birthday party on Saturday and she got all sorts of great stuff. She had a few friends over, and lots of cousins. We decorated cupcakes and sang the birthday song. She is such fun and has such a charismatic little personality. I hope she never changes.

Birthday Girl in curlers waiting to get ready. She is showing me how old she will be. It was funny because if you asked her how old she is, she would hold up three. You had to say, "How old will you be on your birthday Monday?". Too Cute!

This is the outfit she picked out one her very own for her birthday. I got her the headband. Couldn't resist. It matched perfect and was only $1.

Jordyn and her favorite auntie (Oh yes, I am her favorite lol)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Official Snow of the Season

This is what we woke up to this morning. Ya--I hate snow. I usually like the first snow of the season, but this year it happened way early in the morning and I couldn't curl up on the couch with a blanket and hot cocoa. I have this thing called a job that I have to go to every stinking morning lol. It actually snowed in September once this season, but it didn't stick in my town, so therefore it doesn't count.
I hate it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pheasant Hunt

Wow, aren't I just a bloggin' away lately? These are some pictures I managed to con some men of mine into taking this morning before they left to go pheasant hunting. The only reason they'd do it is because they want pictures of Angel lol. You should have seen her this morning. They've been teasing her all week about going to get birds. Then this morning when they got up and were getting orange on, she knew it was time. When Shane got her bell down, she went totally nutso. She's an awesome bird dog.

Friday, October 31, 2008

More Halloween

Here are some pictures we took today while trick-or-treating. Aren't they the cutest kids ever? The two toe heads are my sister Lacy's kids. Mine is the vampire. He wasn't really too much into trick-or-treating at first, but once they got going he was more excited. I think he was just afraid people would think he was too old. But there were still lots of kids his age out. He's only 11.

My young Edward--Isn't he a handsome vampire?The gang

Princess in training--seriously!Here comes trouble with a capital T--what a heartbreaker.Me and my boy. This is one picture where I can actually tell that I've lost 60 lbs.

This last one is just too sweet to pass up.