Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I just love Christmas. I remember my mom enjoyed it so much when we were little, and I guess it must have rubbed off on me. I love the decorations, music, colors, smells, ........everything. Here are a couple of pics of things that help me get in the mood for Christmas:

My small little 4-foot tree. We have a 7.5 foot tree, but it is just really huge for our living room. This one is cute, easy to put up, decorate, and take down.
Close-up of my deco this year. I decided to do the red and gold thing. Last year I did the old-fashioned homeade thing. It was cute, but I've done a few years in a row.

This is the stocking I was brought home in. My birthday is Dec 9th. It's a sentimental reminder of my mom for me.
Santa candy dish
Candle centerpiece
Stockings--sorry no chimney

Shane's prize deer with our SF 49ers and Denver Broncos ornaments hanging from the antlers
My children lol


Tiffany said...

I love your stocking. That is so neat you still have it :-) I finally got my tree decorated today!! Hey email me you address please. We did Christmas cards today too. I'm finally getting things accomplished!!

Jacki said...

Ahh..Christmas. I love it!! I like all your decor and I can't believe you still have that stocking. Shanes deer all decorated cracks me up too..haha!!