Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I {Heart} Your Blog Award

I was awarded the I {Heart} Your Blog award by my awesome friend Tiffany. Thanks Tiff! This is really cool for me since I just barely started blogging in August. I have to say, it is definately addictive. It is also an awesome way to keep your family and friends tuned in to what's going on in your life. I love reading other people's blogs. Even just surfing around blogs of people that I don't know. It can be a good way to meet people too.

Here are the rules: I get to {heart} seven other blogs that I love reading. If your blog makes my list, you get to post your award, thank the person who gave it to you (that's me!) and then choose seven other blogs that you feel deserve this awesome award.

And the awards go to...






tracer (newbie)

kaylyn (also a newbie)

Have fun chicas--I love your blogs.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Hey You, I came by your house twice tonight to spread some Christmas Cheer and I missed you. You must be out doing something fun:-)I'll try tomorrow.