Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some Project Life Stuff to Share......

As I said in my post a few days ago, this pocket page scrapbooking is REALLY starting to grow on me. It gets pics in albums fast, and the every day stuff that may not ever get scrapped otherwise, gets into books too. I'm loving it.
I decided to do a pocket style album for this year and see how I like it. I am only doing it by month right now because, and if y'all know me you'll understand :), I can't really picture myself being able to keep up with weekly at this point. And daily is never going to happen :)
Anyway, I wanted to share some pages I have done recently. So here they are.
January 2014
 February 2014
 March 2014
 I also joined some Project Life groups on facebook to get some ideas and maybe even join some swaps or challenges.  I just joined my first challenge, which had a theme of "Summer is Here". The challenge part was that you could only use regular cardstock (no patterned paper), and you had to use at least one each of stickers, stamps, flowers and bling.
I didn't ask, so I hope it is ok, but I used ink as well. That may get me disqualified because she said to only use the things she put on the list. But, you have to use ink to stamp. So I was hoping I could scrape by on a technicality. I was having a really hard time coming up with some designs.
We were to do a 3X4 and a 4X6 card for this challenge. Here are my entries. Tell me watcha think?
3X4 Entry
4X6 Entry
That's all I've got to say today. Please leave me a comment if you've gotten this far :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make Your Own Washi Tape?! .........Yes Please!

Sorry I've been a bit absent. Busy last couple of weeks in my family.

Anway, I don't really have a lot of time to post today, but I wanted to share this fun little tutorial I found on YouTube and what I made with it. It was so easy!

I haven't really invested much in washi tape. Because I don't think I'll ever use a full roll of one design. I don't want all of my pages or projects to look the same. That's why I never buy paper stacks either. Too many of one pattern. Or, even worse, a bunch that I don't even like.

I digress.  I found this fun and really simple little video from Beckie Lehman on how to make your own washi tape yesterday and decided to give it a go.......Totally Worked!


Here is the fruits of my labor. Isn't that fun?! It probably requires a bit of advanced planning due to drying time. But I could totally wip up a bunch using all of my lovely scraps that I can't bare to throw away :(

Hope this post inspires you. If you got this far, please leave a comment!