Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoebox Party Valentine Card

Today my cousin, Cassie, is throwing a shoebox cardmaking party! For those of you who don't know what that is--basically a group of women (or people, whatever:) get together to make cards. You plan in advance so you know how many people you'll be sharing with. Each of you design a card, cut all the paper pieces to make the qty you need, and bring the necessary items to make the card (such as stamps, ink, punches, etc.). Then you put everything in a 'shoebox' and take it to the party. Everyone sits around, munches, gossips (ahem, I mean visits :), and makes a bunch of cards to take home.
For example, today I'm taking enough pieces to make 10 of my card--we're hoping for 10 people. When I come home, I will have 10 different cards. One from each person at the party.
So, here is my card. I totally copied this card from one that I found on Pinterest. The card was actually originally from Splitcoast Stampers, and  you can see it here. I just changed the papers and stuff, but the layout is the same.
Here is my card. Hope you like it. The inside says "You Make My Heart Sing!"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Little Lighthouse

Stupid blogger is turning my photo, and stupid photobucket won't help me either. Stupid!

Today I am sharing a page I did about a tiny little lighthouse we visited the first day we were in Salem, MA. I was so excited to see a lighthouse that I have like a zillion pictures of it lol. It's probably no big deal to most people that live on or near the coast, but I just think they are so cool. Especially the bigger ones. I even saw one once that had been converted into a home inside. It was awesome.
Anyway, this was the first one that I had ever seen, so I was super stoked. And the bay that it was in was gorgeous. I'm so jealous of people that live right on the ocean. I don't know that I could ever leave my mountains though. But it is gorgeous nonetheless.
I used a sketch by Amy Alvis. It is the 12X12-6 sketch on her website here.
We were so excited to see a real live lighthouse that we took a ton of pictures lol. This is a really small lighthouse built in 1871 so that there would be three to guide the way into the main channel. It is at the end of the pier on Derby Wharf.
The bay is beautiful & there are houses right on the water-I wish!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Salem Beer Works

I did this page a couple of days ago, but I haven't been able to get a decent picture. It gets dark too fast lol. Anyway, I'm not really happy with this picture either, but I'm tired of waiting to post it.
This is my sisters and I at a local brewery (actually, it's part of a small chain I guess) in Salem during our Boston trip.
I used a sketch from a new site for this one. It's called Scrap Support. I used sketch #5 in the one page sketches. I really like their stuff. I'll have to try a couple more. They ask that you don't share pics of their sketches without permission, so you'll have to check out the site on your own to get the sketch :(
*Note* there are links to Scrap Support in the above paragraph. Just hover over Scrap Support or sketch to be taken to the website.

We stopped at Salem Beer Works (part of a local chain of breweries) for some dinner and a few beers before heading out to try to find a light house before dark.
Dark comes early on the east coast. It was pitch dark by about 4:30 every day. Weird for us west coast girls. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salem Witch Museum

This is a layout I did today to begin my pages for my weekend Boston trip with my sisters in December. We had so much fun! I used sketch 9-29-10 from Let's Scrap for this layout.
The first day we landed our goal was to see the Salem Witch Museum. Salem is very close to the airport, and we landed too late to see anything of Boston, so that seemed like the best bet.
It is unbelievable to me  how much American culture has changed since this time period (1692 specifically). Back then there was a lot of belief in evil and that Satan was present and active on earth. The people of Salem believed in witchcraft and that it was being practiced and used to inflict harm, sickness, and madness on them and their fellow townspeople.
But, it is even more unbelievable that the courts (and people for that matter) would take the word of a few vindictive teenager girls to convict and eventually hang innocent people. Some were accused because they were outcasts--homeless or divorced and remarried *gasp*. Some because they were different, or because they had quarrel with families of the accusers.
Journaling Reads:

As soon as Lacy and I landed in Boston, we all set out to find the Salem Witch Museum. We were always curious about the events that had led to the trials and eventual hangings of accused 'witches' during this time period. It was a really interesting visit & very informative. All I have to say is that I'm glad society has grown in our acceptance of other cultures.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And here we go............

So Thursday night we're sitting in the living room watching a little TV, and there is a knock at the door. This is weird because we never get visitors. Sometimes the neighbors will come over for a chat, but usually only if we're outside already. Anyhow, neither one of us likes to answer the door because usually when that happens it's a salesman lol. I won because I had no bra on (don't judge). It's not decent to answer the door that way.
Now I wish I would have. There was a girl there. A teenage girl. Asking to 'hang out' with my son! Whoa. For this to surprise you, you need to know that G stays in his room almost all the time. His friends are mostly online gamers, and he almost never 'hangs out'. Especially with girls.
So Shane goes and gets G. He goes outside for about 3 minutes total and comes back in. ?What? I go in his room and tell him that is not hanging out. He says it was cold outside and everyone was just standing there saying nothing. Everyone? Whose everyone? Oh, there were three girls. Whoa.
There is another knock at the door. Damn I wish I would have put a bra on. I can't even see what she looks like. Shane says he thinks he's seen her before, but not sure where or when. And G will not divulge their names. Moving on--this time she just asks if she can talk to G. Shane goes and gets G again. He's out there for about 30 seconds and back in.
G won't tell me anything. I haven't pressed too hard because I don't want to embarrass him too much. But I'm dying to know things lol. Who are they? Are they just friends? I'm pretty sure one of them 'likes' him. Not the one that came to the door though. Because that's not how girls do things. We send our friends to tell a guy we like them. That way we don't have to risk being embarrassed if they don't like us back.
I hope he was nice to her/them. Even if he might not like her back, I hope I raised him to be kind and not mean like some guys can be. I wonder if he does like her back? Or maybe someone likes one of his friends. Or maybe it really was just 'hanging out'. I wish he would tell me what happened! Maybe some day he will.
And I really wish I had had my bra on lol.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mom Punk

Today I'm sharing a layout I created based on this sketch from Let's Scrap:
(5-12-10 L)
Mom Punk
I had a really hard time trying to decide how to title this layout. Because I don't think I'm really all that 'punk' lol. But it was the only word I could think of except something boring like 'Blue Streaks'--that's lame. Mom Punk sort of fits. 
What I was really trying to say with this layout is that I'm not as nice, sweet, and innocent as people sometimes think I am. I have a rebel streak. And there are things I'd love to wear that might blow your mind lol. Nothing too much, but I don't think you'd ever picture me wearing it is all. Like, I love Hot Topic. I wish I could shop there. But I realize how I'd look in that stuff--scary lol. Maybe if I lost some weight I could do a few things.
And some of the music I listen to or things I have done might really surprise you.  
There is a side of me that most people don't know or see. I doubt anyone really truly has except Shane, Garrett, my sisters, and a few of my close friends. And maybe my dying my hair blue was just for shock value. For the people that don't really know me. Just to show a little bit of my real personality. Like my tattoo. Sometimes that throws people. Even though it is pretty cute and innocent. But tattoos just do that.
I look like a sweet innocent mom. And I can be. But there is more to me than my first impression. Now the first impression can be a little more interesting.
Journaling says:
I wouldn’t say that my outside matches my inside most of the time. There are lots of things I’d like to wear or do, but then I remember I have to be a responsible adult. For now I’ll settle for a tattoo and a little bit of colored hair to express my inner rebel LOL. I’ve always wanted some wild color in my hair. And I finally have a job without a strict dress code. So, why not?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pain pain go away.......

So I've had this pain in my right butt cheek--so a real pain in the ass (pun intended)--for like a year. I have difficulty with twisting my right leg to put my foot up on my knee (like you would to tie a shoe or put your socks on). And at night I have to change positions a lot because it just aches too much. It aches pretty much all the time, but when I'm lying down it seems worse.
Well, last Thursday this pain got way worse. Right before I went to bed it was shooting pains down my leg and around my knee. I couldn't put any weight on it to walk, and there was no comfortable position to sleep. I ended up taking an 800 Ibuprofen and 3 Tylenol just to get to sleep. Once that episode was over, I finally decided that I needed to see the doctor about it.
This morning was my appointment, and basically my doctor told me that he thinks I've pinched my sciatic nerve. I feel bad now. Because anytime anyone has ever told me they had a pinched sciatic nerve before, I pretty much thought it was bull. I know--so bad of me. I apologize to everyone whom I ever thought that about. I guess I deserve what I got :(
The doc also sent me to get x-rays, just to make sure that I don't have any other injuries. He said you can't be too careful and he'd really hate to misdiagnose a different problem.
But, if it is a sciatic nerve problem, basically I will probably live with this pain for the rest of my life. And it will likely get worse. He said that over-the-counter meds (like Tylenol and Ibuprofen) help, and that I need to make sure I get enough exercise. And, drum roll please, I really need to lose some weight. Ya. Knew that was coming. But it's the truth, so I'll take it.
He also scared the living crap out of me by telling me that in some cases it requires back surgery. Eeeks. I've never known anyone who had back surgery to come out of it better off than before. So that scares me. But, he said it was rare. So hopefully that's not my fate.
And, this is the same problem Shane has with his legs. Now I understand why he drinks so much. I'm not going to do that--I think that's the wrong way to handle it--but I guess I understand better now. That, on top of his crushed discs, must really kill his back and legs. And when it's cold, and he's working outside, the shivering must really do a number on him :( My poor hubby.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some More Scrappy

Looks like I may have gotten a little bit of scrappy mojo back--yay!
Ironically, and totally not planned, both of the layouts I have to share with you today have something to do with breast cancer awareness. 
This first layout is of my sisters and I, mine and Lacy's kids, and one random tag-along husband lol (Lacy and I couldn't get ours to come with). 
This is us at the Strawberry Days Rodeo in June. They teamed up with Tough Enough to Wear Pink this year, so the crowd and participants were asked to wear pink to support the fundraising efforts (as well as, of course, a portion of ticket proceeds that went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation).
We had a lot of fun. We haven't been to a rodeo in ages. I forgot how fine cowboys are! Ok, no I didn't--it's just not an easy thing to forget. But I did forget how fun rodeos really are. And, there were fireworks at the end. I know how y'all know that I heart me some fireworks.
Sorry for the crappy pic. I've been trying to get a good one all week, but by the time I get home, there is no light outside. And my indoor camera pictures sucked. So I tried the cell phone and got a half decent one. It's a bit dark, and the tickets are washed out (they are actually white with pink and brown text), but it's really pretty close to what it actually looks like. And nothing is perfect ok.
This second layout is my sisters and I (again) at Witches Night Out in Gardner Village (a shopping center in Salt Lake). This was actually the 10th year that they have done WNO, but I had never really heard of it until the year before last. Basically, women ages 18+ are invited to dress up as witches and go up to the village on Friday and Saturday night for shopping, visiting, looking at everyone else's awesomeness, and dance the night away. It never ends up being just women though. There are lots of kids and hubbies too. 
And, one thing I will say here is that this year I will be making an awesome witch hat for this event. There was some crazy awesomeness going on last year, and believe it or not, we felt sort of plain. It's too bad we couldn't really get any good pictures (dark and awkward asking a stranger to stop and pose). Because there were some really cool witch hats going on.
The pic on the left is us with the Queen witch--Kim told her she liked a woman who wasn't afraid to show off her pumpkins lol.
What I actually didn't know was that this night is also a fundraising event for the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. They passed around a witches hat during the celebrations and you could also give at many of the boutiques or prize drawing tables. That's a cool bit of information that I will be remember this year. 
I had a breast cancer scare a few years ago. And, even though I had nothing to worry about, it scared the beejeezus out of me. I just can't even imagine how I would feel had I been diagnosed. It makes a soft spot in my heart for anything having to do with a breast cancer awareness campaign.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Photos 2011

This is a page I did for this week's layout sketch over at Let's Scrap. I haven't scrapped in FOREVER. Seriously, I think the last layout I did was in August. And that was for a gift. My personal last page was in May! I hope I can keep going. I miss it. I really love scrapbooking. It helps me relive memories. And I love picking papers, finding a sketch to use, and seeing the end results of my creativity. Plus I have tons of scrapping crap to use up lol.
Here is the sketch:
And here is my take:
Left Page
Right Page
And, here is what the journaling says:
Thanksgiving Weekend 2011
We drove down to Fountain Green this weekend to spend some time with my dad, Diane, and Katy. We haven't been down here for a long time. It is really nice and peaceful-such a small town. You can still ride 4-wheelers down the streets here.
On Saturday the men were all getting ready to go on a ride, but I made Shane and G let Katy take some quick family pictures first. I think she did a fantastic job and will make an awesome photographer someday. We sent out the family pic on the righ page in our Christmas cards this year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue Hair

So last week I decided I wanted to get blue streaks in my hair. I would have gone for pink, or maybe even purple, but those seemed a little teenagerish to me lol. Not sure why blue doesn't, but oh well. I have wanted to do this for a long time. But all of my jobs up til now have had a dress code clause that didn't allow for unnaturally colored hair. I toyed around with doing red, but it wouldn't have been as fun. It's too close to natural for me I think :)
I went to the best stylist in the world last night (Really, she's awesome--if you need someone, and live in UT County, I can hook you up) and she put a few in for me. I LOVE them. I think it's super fun.
I actually almost chickened out. I wasn't sure if it would make me look like I'm trying to be someone I'm not or something. But then I figured, I have wanted to do this forever. This is who I am. Maybe it doesn't fit some people's image of me, but then maybe they don't know me all that well.
Anyway, here are a couple of cell phone photos. What do you think?