Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Little Lighthouse

Stupid blogger is turning my photo, and stupid photobucket won't help me either. Stupid!

Today I am sharing a page I did about a tiny little lighthouse we visited the first day we were in Salem, MA. I was so excited to see a lighthouse that I have like a zillion pictures of it lol. It's probably no big deal to most people that live on or near the coast, but I just think they are so cool. Especially the bigger ones. I even saw one once that had been converted into a home inside. It was awesome.
Anyway, this was the first one that I had ever seen, so I was super stoked. And the bay that it was in was gorgeous. I'm so jealous of people that live right on the ocean. I don't know that I could ever leave my mountains though. But it is gorgeous nonetheless.
I used a sketch by Amy Alvis. It is the 12X12-6 sketch on her website here.
We were so excited to see a real live lighthouse that we took a ton of pictures lol. This is a really small lighthouse built in 1871 so that there would be three to guide the way into the main channel. It is at the end of the pier on Derby Wharf.
The bay is beautiful & there are houses right on the water-I wish!

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