Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mom Punk

Today I'm sharing a layout I created based on this sketch from Let's Scrap:
(5-12-10 L)
Mom Punk
I had a really hard time trying to decide how to title this layout. Because I don't think I'm really all that 'punk' lol. But it was the only word I could think of except something boring like 'Blue Streaks'--that's lame. Mom Punk sort of fits. 
What I was really trying to say with this layout is that I'm not as nice, sweet, and innocent as people sometimes think I am. I have a rebel streak. And there are things I'd love to wear that might blow your mind lol. Nothing too much, but I don't think you'd ever picture me wearing it is all. Like, I love Hot Topic. I wish I could shop there. But I realize how I'd look in that stuff--scary lol. Maybe if I lost some weight I could do a few things.
And some of the music I listen to or things I have done might really surprise you.  
There is a side of me that most people don't know or see. I doubt anyone really truly has except Shane, Garrett, my sisters, and a few of my close friends. And maybe my dying my hair blue was just for shock value. For the people that don't really know me. Just to show a little bit of my real personality. Like my tattoo. Sometimes that throws people. Even though it is pretty cute and innocent. But tattoos just do that.
I look like a sweet innocent mom. And I can be. But there is more to me than my first impression. Now the first impression can be a little more interesting.
Journaling says:
I wouldn’t say that my outside matches my inside most of the time. There are lots of things I’d like to wear or do, but then I remember I have to be a responsible adult. For now I’ll settle for a tattoo and a little bit of colored hair to express my inner rebel LOL. I’ve always wanted some wild color in my hair. And I finally have a job without a strict dress code. So, why not?

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NanaConnie said...

I love your touch of rebel, regardless of what you call it. :-D "Mom Punk" works for that fabulous layout, that's for sure! Great photos, too.