Saturday, January 21, 2012

And here we go............

So Thursday night we're sitting in the living room watching a little TV, and there is a knock at the door. This is weird because we never get visitors. Sometimes the neighbors will come over for a chat, but usually only if we're outside already. Anyhow, neither one of us likes to answer the door because usually when that happens it's a salesman lol. I won because I had no bra on (don't judge). It's not decent to answer the door that way.
Now I wish I would have. There was a girl there. A teenage girl. Asking to 'hang out' with my son! Whoa. For this to surprise you, you need to know that G stays in his room almost all the time. His friends are mostly online gamers, and he almost never 'hangs out'. Especially with girls.
So Shane goes and gets G. He goes outside for about 3 minutes total and comes back in. ?What? I go in his room and tell him that is not hanging out. He says it was cold outside and everyone was just standing there saying nothing. Everyone? Whose everyone? Oh, there were three girls. Whoa.
There is another knock at the door. Damn I wish I would have put a bra on. I can't even see what she looks like. Shane says he thinks he's seen her before, but not sure where or when. And G will not divulge their names. Moving on--this time she just asks if she can talk to G. Shane goes and gets G again. He's out there for about 30 seconds and back in.
G won't tell me anything. I haven't pressed too hard because I don't want to embarrass him too much. But I'm dying to know things lol. Who are they? Are they just friends? I'm pretty sure one of them 'likes' him. Not the one that came to the door though. Because that's not how girls do things. We send our friends to tell a guy we like them. That way we don't have to risk being embarrassed if they don't like us back.
I hope he was nice to her/them. Even if he might not like her back, I hope I raised him to be kind and not mean like some guys can be. I wonder if he does like her back? Or maybe someone likes one of his friends. Or maybe it really was just 'hanging out'. I wish he would tell me what happened! Maybe some day he will.
And I really wish I had had my bra on lol.


NanaConnie said...

Ah, yes, how I remember those "teen" years. So glad I don't have to live through them again! :-D

Flutterby Trina said...

We haven't got the 'teens' yet although the eldest thinks she's 14! There is a little something on my blog for you! Please stop by!