Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Salem Beer Works

I did this page a couple of days ago, but I haven't been able to get a decent picture. It gets dark too fast lol. Anyway, I'm not really happy with this picture either, but I'm tired of waiting to post it.
This is my sisters and I at a local brewery (actually, it's part of a small chain I guess) in Salem during our Boston trip.
I used a sketch from a new site for this one. It's called Scrap Support. I used sketch #5 in the one page sketches. I really like their stuff. I'll have to try a couple more. They ask that you don't share pics of their sketches without permission, so you'll have to check out the site on your own to get the sketch :(
*Note* there are links to Scrap Support in the above paragraph. Just hover over Scrap Support or sketch to be taken to the website.

We stopped at Salem Beer Works (part of a local chain of breweries) for some dinner and a few beers before heading out to try to find a light house before dark.
Dark comes early on the east coast. It was pitch dark by about 4:30 every day. Weird for us west coast girls. 

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