Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some More Scrappy

Looks like I may have gotten a little bit of scrappy mojo back--yay!
Ironically, and totally not planned, both of the layouts I have to share with you today have something to do with breast cancer awareness. 
This first layout is of my sisters and I, mine and Lacy's kids, and one random tag-along husband lol (Lacy and I couldn't get ours to come with). 
This is us at the Strawberry Days Rodeo in June. They teamed up with Tough Enough to Wear Pink this year, so the crowd and participants were asked to wear pink to support the fundraising efforts (as well as, of course, a portion of ticket proceeds that went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation).
We had a lot of fun. We haven't been to a rodeo in ages. I forgot how fine cowboys are! Ok, no I didn't--it's just not an easy thing to forget. But I did forget how fun rodeos really are. And, there were fireworks at the end. I know how y'all know that I heart me some fireworks.
Sorry for the crappy pic. I've been trying to get a good one all week, but by the time I get home, there is no light outside. And my indoor camera pictures sucked. So I tried the cell phone and got a half decent one. It's a bit dark, and the tickets are washed out (they are actually white with pink and brown text), but it's really pretty close to what it actually looks like. And nothing is perfect ok.
This second layout is my sisters and I (again) at Witches Night Out in Gardner Village (a shopping center in Salt Lake). This was actually the 10th year that they have done WNO, but I had never really heard of it until the year before last. Basically, women ages 18+ are invited to dress up as witches and go up to the village on Friday and Saturday night for shopping, visiting, looking at everyone else's awesomeness, and dance the night away. It never ends up being just women though. There are lots of kids and hubbies too. 
And, one thing I will say here is that this year I will be making an awesome witch hat for this event. There was some crazy awesomeness going on last year, and believe it or not, we felt sort of plain. It's too bad we couldn't really get any good pictures (dark and awkward asking a stranger to stop and pose). Because there were some really cool witch hats going on.
The pic on the left is us with the Queen witch--Kim told her she liked a woman who wasn't afraid to show off her pumpkins lol.
What I actually didn't know was that this night is also a fundraising event for the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. They passed around a witches hat during the celebrations and you could also give at many of the boutiques or prize drawing tables. That's a cool bit of information that I will be remember this year. 
I had a breast cancer scare a few years ago. And, even though I had nothing to worry about, it scared the beejeezus out of me. I just can't even imagine how I would feel had I been diagnosed. It makes a soft spot in my heart for anything having to do with a breast cancer awareness campaign.

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NanaConnie said...

Shell, Being a breast cancer survivor myself, I have to love these layouts which are reminders of breast cancer awareness and also support the research which is being and still needs to be done to eradicate this disease. Congrats to you for planning ahead to support the cause yourself. :-D Hugs, friend.