Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Girl

This is my niece Jordyn. She will be 4 yrs old on Monday. I can't believe how fast she has grown up. Look at those big innocent blue eyes. She could melt a heart in less than 30 seconds flat lol. We had her birthday party on Saturday and she got all sorts of great stuff. She had a few friends over, and lots of cousins. We decorated cupcakes and sang the birthday song. She is such fun and has such a charismatic little personality. I hope she never changes.

Birthday Girl in curlers waiting to get ready. She is showing me how old she will be. It was funny because if you asked her how old she is, she would hold up three. You had to say, "How old will you be on your birthday Monday?". Too Cute!

This is the outfit she picked out one her very own for her birthday. I got her the headband. Couldn't resist. It matched perfect and was only $1.

Jordyn and her favorite auntie (Oh yes, I am her favorite lol)


Jacki said...

How stinkin' cute is she!? They are so fun at that age too. Just wait until they are teenagers like mine shell..oh how I wish they never grew up!
I'm excited to see you guys on Wednesday!! YAY for Mimi's Cafe. :)

Tiffany said...

Dang, she IS cute :-)

LacyAsher#1 said...

I love that picture of you two. I have another one of her with julia and kat with a kissy face too. I hear a scrapbook page in progress. I do have the cutest daughter don't I!! She takes after her mom.

Lynnie said...

Shelly, I really miss you so much. You were always my girl. I love your blog. You are so creative!