Friday, October 31, 2008

More Halloween

Here are some pictures we took today while trick-or-treating. Aren't they the cutest kids ever? The two toe heads are my sister Lacy's kids. Mine is the vampire. He wasn't really too much into trick-or-treating at first, but once they got going he was more excited. I think he was just afraid people would think he was too old. But there were still lots of kids his age out. He's only 11.

My young Edward--Isn't he a handsome vampire?The gang

Princess in training--seriously!Here comes trouble with a capital T--what a heartbreaker.Me and my boy. This is one picture where I can actually tell that I've lost 60 lbs.

This last one is just too sweet to pass up.


Jacki said...

So cute Shell! I don't think Garrett is too old yet. Heck i was trick or treating in high school..haha!
You look amazing by the way. I can so tell you've lost alot of weight. Way to go! I miss seeing you on halloween because you always dress up.

Lets for sure get together for dinner soon!! :)

Tiffany said...

Holy cow! That doesn't even look like Garrett to me. You look great Shelly :-)

Reggie and Linda Lisle said...

Shelly it was great having you and Garret come over and trick or treat. Wow! Garrett is getting so big. The pics are great.

ShellBell said...

Thanks guys!

j said...

The pics are just awesome !!!! You have the perfect models for them ;)


LacyAsher#1 said...

I know my kids are cute!:) It was fun going with you and Garrett! fun times!