Wednesday, October 29, 2008


9 T.V. Shows I watch:
1-Biggest Loser
2-My Big Fat Redneck Wedding
3-House Hunters
4-King of Queens
5-What Not To Wear
7-Sex and the City (if I can catch a rerun)
Can't think of any more

9 Favorite Restaurants:

2-Mi Ranchito
3-Los Hermanos
4-Taco Amigo (Noticing a pattern lol)
6-Macoroni Grill
7-China Light Cafe in AF (I know their skeevy, but I love the food)
8-Chinese Gourmet
9-Pizza Hut

9 Things that happened yesterday:

1-Woke Up at 6:00 am (aaaarrrggghhh--that's hard)
2-Went to Work (boring)
3-Made a fake headstone for decoration at office
4-Made pot roast for dinner that took 4.5 hours to cook--hello we're starving by 10:00 pm Save that for weekends from now on.
5-Surfed the net
6-Did some laundry
7-Finished some scrapbook pages that have been sitting forevah
8-Went to Walmart and bought some Halloween sh#$ that I don't even need
9-Went to bed

9 things that I am looking forward to:

1-Halloween--cause then it will be over. Not into it much this year.
2-Thanksgiving--not easy to get the fam all together on the same day. I bet Kim and Jason won't be there though.
3-Buying new pants--mine don't fit anymore (YAY!)
4-Hitting a mini weight-loss goal. I'm about 7 lbs away from my first big goal of 65 lbs.
5-Shopping for Christmas presents. I really like shopping lol.
6-Decorating for Christmas
7-Christmas Day--yah I like Christmas
8-Spring. Oh how I hate winter--but I don't like the heat of summer either, so there you are.
9-Hopefully buying new spring clothes because my old ones might not fit. Who am I kidding? I'd buy new ones anyway. But it would be nice if that was a reason to need to.

9 things on my wish list:

1-A Cricut Expression Machine
2-Making Memories Embellishment Center
3-Some new clothes
4-lap top
5-Adobe Photo Shop software
6-To take a nap without getting harassed
7-Go to Disneyland/California Aventure with my family for a week. Garrett and I had two days, and it was FABULOUS. More time to enjoy it and savor it would be great.
8-New Flooring and paint in the house
9-Hubby to fix our garage

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Tiffany said...

I love ya Shelly! It sounds like we need to go to Taco Amigo, shopping, watch House Hunters, take a nap, then meet up for dinner at Chilis, then Scrap!! I'm so happy for you and your weight loss. That is such a hard thing, and it takes a lot of determination. You're better than me. Tell Kim hello! Oh when we gonna hook up!? Thanks for doin' the tag. Do I owe you a tag?? Can't remember!??

ShellBell said...

No, I think you've done all my tags lol. I know, sounds like we have more in common than we realized already huh?