Friday, November 6, 2009

A Couple of Things.....

I had to go to St. George and Cedar City for a couple of days on business, and Shane missed me so much he got me these! I love the red and yellow together. Isn't that sweet? Hmm......I should go away more often. It's sort of funny because I was gone for a week to Orlando, and he didn't miss me THIS much. lol

And, my niece, Jorydn, is having a birthday party. So, I just had to make a b-day card. I mean, how can you be a buyer for a craft chain and not make the card? You don't even know the ration I may get if I showed up with a store-bought card.
Jordyn is SO into princesses right now, and she just IS a little princess. She will be dressing as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for her party, so I thought this would be fitting. She invited some girls from school and around the neighborhood to come to a dress-up princess party. They will be decorating their own crowns and watching a princess movie.
Her mom better not show her this card before I give it to her, or she's in for it!


Jacki said...

Aww that was sweet of Shane to give you flowers.
Shell, that card is amazing! I'm sure little Jordyn is going to love it. Your awesome!

Tiffany said...

Hmmmm....what did Shane do wrong while you were gone??? JK! What a guy :-)

Cassie said...

Can you get me a job where you work?? please please please?? don't make me beg....more than I already have lol.