Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freak Storm

Yesterday on my way home from work, the wind started blowing really bad. So bad that Shane called me on my cell to tell me to get off of the freeway and take back roads. He was afraid of top heavy vehicles tipping and causing accidents. I think the news said the gusts were upwards of 60 MPH.
I know that is nothing for people that live in tornado alley or where the hurricanes hit. But for us, it is exciting stuff lol.
It blew a lawn chair right off of our porch so fast that Shane didn't even see where it went. We looked in the neighbor's yards and everything. No idea where it got to.
And........of all things that it ruined at our house..........this is the saddest for me.......
It took me like 12 hours to make this! And it broke in 4 pieces. Gah!
It won't glue back together with hot glue--all it does is melt the styrofoam.
And craft glue can't hold it because there is nothing to keep it together while it dries.
Wahhhh!........Oh wait. I have some little wood dowels!
I broke them in 4" pieces and stuck them in the ends of each piece of the wreath.
Then I shoved them together--and it worked!

Yay. I would have taken pictures of the surgery, but I didn't think to. I was too upset lol.
It still isn't 100% sturdy, but it will do. I taped up the back too, so maybe it will last through next season. Maybe. 

Here are some other pics of the destruction. I'm not crying over the roofing--it can be replaced. And Shane can push it back in place for now.
That's my G on the far left and his friend Dustin

That isn't my tree. It is my neighbor's across the street. But man you should have heard it snap off. Scary!
Thank goodness no one I know was seriously hurt or had any real bad property damage. At least not that I know of. Crazy!

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