Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July

This year the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday, which I think just really sucks. I hate when holidays fall in the middle of the week because you can't really do anything that takes much time and then when you go back to work on Thursday, it feels like Monday. Boy, and I tell you, that Thursday totally felt like a Monday. And it has lasted through the weekend. Boo on Mondays!
Anyhow, since we couldn't stay up late to watch fireworks (due to work the next day--that four letter word again), we decided to go try out the local river. We haven't ever fished it or even really gotten close to it truthfully lol. There is a really nice path that is paved and everything right next to it. I think that would be a great place to go walking. Although, I'd have to drive there first. It is like 3 miles from my house, and I am way out of shape.
Let's get back to the subject here. I ramble a lot. We drove down to the river path with our good friends and neighbors, the Carter family. The men brought their fishing gear, and me and Pam decided to take Garrett and Dustin to find a place to play in the water. It was so dang hot that day! Colin wasn't far behind. Where there is water, he will be in it lol.
We all had a really great time. The men caught fish, we all got exercise walking back and forth on the path, and plenty of swimming and water play was had. We brought Bella and Angel (the dog babies) too, and they loved it as well.
All in all, it was a really fun day. And I did get to sneak out later that night and watch a few fireworks. Shane is such a bah humbug about them that I didn't even bother waking him up to go look. But I LOVE them, and I will be going to the big show that Mapleton city puts on July 24th regardless of my work schedule. One time a year I get to see them.
Here are some pictures. I took them with my phone camera, so not really the best. But proof nonetheless lol.
That bridge leads to a path right up between two houses and into a neighborhood. I'd love to live there! And the houses were SO nice.
Proof that I was here lol. Not the most flattering pic but whatever.

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