Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Reunion

So, the Mackey (my mom's side) family reunion was this weekend, and a bunch of my aunts, uncle, and cousins came up for a small little get together. And, by small I mean just my mom's siblings and their children/grandchildren. It wasn't like a generations thing. But, my mom has 11 siblings, so it wasn't exactly small. Although, only 7 of them were in attendance since three of them are half siblings and aren't Mackey siblings. And one wasn't able to be there.
Any way, we went down to Mesquite (NV) last, so they thought it would be fun to come up north and do Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove with us this year. A lot of them grew up in this area, so it was probably fun for them to revisit old haunts. Especially since my Aunt Cennie lives in their childhood home.
We had a lot of fun. Some of the activities were hiking, swimming, a parade, the carnival, the rodeo, a couple of family barbecues, and of course one last farewell drink at a club with all the cousins to say goodbye. My family does know how to party lol.
I wasn't able to do a lot of the things they had planned. I couldn't do the hike, the children's parade, the regular parade, or swimming. Maybe someday I'll have two weeks vacation so I can participate more (we take one week for the hunt in September/October each year).
I still had a lot of fun though. It was great getting to know my cousins and their spouses a little bit better. I even got to meet a couple of cousins that I have never met before (long story). It's funny how similar a lot of us are even though we grew up totally separate.
And it was great seeing some of the grandkids get to know each other too.
I'm going to post a few pictures, but there are tons more. I couldn't possibly post them all.
My Aunts and Uncle
Battlecreek hike
My sister Kim with Lacy's kids before the children's parade--our family did a patriotic theme this year.
I think the term is second cousins? Not sure. These are my cousin's kids (the shorter blonde is my niece actually).
My bro and my uncle guitaring it up for the family bbq fans.
Saying goodbye in the best way we know how lol. Last call with cousins and aunt Lori at the club.

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