Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sometimes he can be sweet.........

So, the other night my hubby just couldn't sleep. I think it was Saturday. Normally he would just give up and watch the boob tube, right? But, on this night, he decided he wanted to make me a bouquet! Seriously? He hardly ever does this kind of stuff, so that is pretty sweet huh? He'd kill me if I told his friends, but I doubt they even know I have a blog lol. So I am telling my friends.

I know it is all wilted, he used weeds for filler, and the flowers have seen better days, but I just thought it was so cute of him. And, he cleaned up the living room and the toilet! OMG. Maybe I should be worried that he is sick?! Naw.......it happens once in a while. I think he does it to keep me around :)

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