Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well, I got on here to post a new layout that I did, but I just found out that my little brother passed his GED. So, I have to say something for him first.
I'm so proud of you Andy!! Way to go little bro!! I love you.
Ok, so now on to my original purpose of this post.
I'm currently competing for a spot on the design team for Scrapbook Challenges, and they are doing weekly challenges and elimination rounds. I made it through round one into the top 20. So, now I'm trying for the top 10.
The challenge this week was to find a layout from your earlier scrapbooking days that you just weren't happy with and give it a makeover. I'm not usually one for going back and redoing any of my pages because it's kind of fun to see how your style evolves over the years. But there are some pages that I just hated even when they were brand new.

I knew immediately which one I wanted to do because this page has bothered me ever since I did it. I hate the paper, and that mint green makes my brain hurt lol.

I think this is much more representative of my current style, and I don't think I'll ever want to make it over again. Even if my style changes, I was happy with it when I did it. So it will stay.

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Jingle said...

Your new page is great! And congratulations to your brother!