Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, I thought I had already done a Thanksgiving post, but I guess I'm slacking. Here are some pictures of our family turkey day. I didn't get any of Dad, Diane, Kaitlyn, Leena, Dace, or Terry. They all came later on for pie. I was too busy trying to make sure things were getting done right. And, I forgot and left the yams in the oven for like an hour! Good thing they didn't burn.
I remember last year I cooked the turkey upside down lol. But, that actually turned out really well. The breast was really juicy. Might have to make that a tradition.
Anyway, without further ado....these pictures are slightly out of order, but I'm not doing it again.

Head Chef

G fixin' to get stuffed
Andy getting his food
Andy and Shane waiting for the food to be done

Shane, Garrett, Andy, Kim and I went to visit Grandpa Mills after dinner. I can't believe he is 83 years old and still looks that good. Not sure why we didn't get a pic of Andy with the old man.

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