Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Wow! Woke up this morning to more than a foot of snowfall just from overnight! Crazy. We already had about 6 inches, so now we're sitting in 18 inches of snow. Here are a couple of pictures I took this morning.

We had to shovel Shane's half of the driveway so he could go to work this morning, and it took about 40 minutes just to make a path for his car. I tried to finish the other side, but my hands have blisters and it hurts too bad. I was wearing gloves, but they feel like razor blades on my skin now. I had a job interview scheduled for today, but I think I'll have to try try and reschedule for Thursday or Friday if possible. The roads are heinous. The snow is supposed to keep going through tomorrow. It hasn't quit for about 48 hours so far.
On another note, we went to Salt Lake on Saturday to walk around Temple Square and look at the lights. We rode Traxx for the first time, and that was pretty fun. I thought the lights at the temple were gorgeous, and I'm glad we went. But, next time I'll leave Shane home. He was a bah humbug the whole time. He hates Salt Lake, and he hates going to look at Christmas lights. I thought if I could just get him up there, he would enjoy himself. Not the case. But, oh well. It was worth a shot. And I'm glad we went anyway.
I don't know why blogger is underlining my text, but I don't know how to fix it. So, oh well.

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