Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vinyl Butterfly Car Window Sticker

I have been wanting to try cutting a vinyl window decal with my Cameo machine for a while. I was just intimidated by it. I have had a Cricut machine before too, and I never cut vinyl with it either lol.

Well, the store bought butterfly I have had in the back window of my car forever finally died lol. I think I scraped most of it off with my snow scraper in winter.  So, no time like the present....

So silly! Nothing to be intimidated by at all. It was super easy! I just looked up some tutorials on YouTube, got the general idea, and went for it. I did mess up a couple of cuts, but eventually I got it.

I think this is a little huge, but I still like it. I'll keep it for a bit and see if it doesn't grow on me. If not, I'll have to make a smaller one.

Whatdya think? I had taken a few pics of my vinyl cuts and the process of putting it on my window, but I accidentally deleted them from my phone---ooops! I actually had to download this pic from a Facebook post I made about it :)

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