Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trying Out This Project Life Thing...

So, once upon a time (when I was a buyer at Robert's Crafts--that'd be nearly 4 years ago), I was introduced to this thing called Project Life. It is a scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins that utilizes pocket pages (pretty much like photo album pages) and printed card inserts to go along with them. You just slide in the cards and your photos, maybe embellish (or maybe not), slap on a bit of journaling, and your done. It can be a simple and fast way to keep your everyday memories but still feel like you are making pretty pages at the same time.

Now, the reason I said 'can be' is because I seem to make everything more complicated than it really is lol. Someday I may get the hang of the fast and easy part. But these pages took me forever! I am really happy with them though. I really love this style and will continue to use it. It takes the 'where to place my picures' dilemma out of things. That is a huge hurdle for me.

 The date on this one is wrong! Lol. I just realized that.

A lot of people do Project Life on a daily or weekly basis. And there are even kits and groups you can join to help with that. I don't think I could ever keep up with it that much. Although, I may try to do monthly pages. Maybe. But I really like the simplicity and style of it and will use it to fill in with some of my more traditional pages done for special occasions and events.

This seems to work especially well for me on things like camping pages. I don't feel the need to do traditional pages for camping anymore, because we go on the same trip to the same place every year. I still want to document things. But I don't think I need a beautiful, award winning layout to do that lol. These pocket style layouts are pretty, simple, and (can be) quick.

Most of what I used here is the 24/7 kit from Simple Stories. But some of it came from an Echo Park collection called Photo Freedom Volume II.

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NanaConnie said...

If this system had been around back when I gave up scrapbooking (because I just couldn't do fast and easy pages), I might have actually stuck with it. :-D Instead I gave all my photos to my daughter and son with lists of explanations, times, dates, places, etc. These are such fantastic pages, Shell ! I can feel the memories oozing off the page.