Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Gift Album

A good friend of mine, Autumn, is having a baby shower today. The last baby she had was a girl, and I had made her a mini scrapbook album for that shower. She loved it, and she asked me if she could pay me to make another one for her little boy this time. Well, I had been thinking about what to get her because I didn't want to get the normal everyday blankets or clothes. She got so many of those at her last shower that I was sure this time would turn out the same. So, I told her I'd just make it for my gift again. Win-win!
Believe it or not, boy pages are harder for me. There are just so many more options for girls out there. So I was worried about what colors and stuff to use. Autumn didn't make it any easier on me--she told me whatever I wanted to do was fine.
So, I headed to Archiver's.  I love that store! They always have the latest & funnest stuff.
Well, as soon as I walked in I saw the most adorable baby boy line ever. And, of course, it was made by my favorite scrapbook manufacturer, My Minds Eye. Seriously so cute. Here is a link to the Fine and Dandy Line. You have to scroll down past the girl's line to get to the boy's line. So CUTE!!
Anyway, so I finally finished the album yesterday. Let me know what you think.
and a card to go with:


Sandie said...

Shelly, that album is beautiful. Autumn will be so pleased with it. You can't beat handmade gifts, it will be something to treasure forever.
I am just about to do a quick post on my blog and will mention the wonderful blog hop gift you sent me. Thank you :)

Betty Anne said...

Wow Shelly you did a fantastic job on the album, I'm sure your friend will be totally thrilled to receive it.

Jacki said...

I HATE you Shelly! haha j/k
seriously you have so much dang talent girl! I'm pretty sure Autumn loves it!

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE this book! You have such amazing talent. Thanks again for the time and thought put into this book to make it PERFECT!!! You rock!