Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello there..........

I just wanted to drop in here and say I'm not dead lol. I know that isn't really funny. But I really have just been so busy with work and the nice weather that I haven't had time to post anything.
We went fishing last weekend with some friends in the gorgeous weather. I should have taken pictures, but I forgot my camera. I also went to a shoebox card party a couple of weeks ago at my cousin's house. So fun! I should post pics of what we did there too. Hmm.......I'm a bad blogger.
Other than that we've just been out enjoying the sunshine, doing some yard work, visiting with our friends next door and such. In other words, I've been lazy ;)
I'll see what I can do about that later this week too lol.
If anyone is still around, and I haven't lost too many of my sparse followers, thanks for looking :) I really will try harder.

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NanaConnie said...

We do miss you when we don't see you blogging, Shell! But I do understand about spring bringing nice weather and wanting to be outside or visiting with folks. Hope you have a great Mother's Day, my friend.