Friday, May 18, 2012

Lacy's Graduation!

So, my youngest sister, Lacy, got her certificate in medical assisting last night! I am so darn proud of her. She has made some hard to reach goals for herself over the past couple of years, and she is doing so awesome at all of them!
Not only has she completed her training for medical assisting, but she has also lost about 100 pounds! She amazes me every day, and I just want her to know how proud our whole family is of her. She knows what is important to her, and she goes after it!
She is also an amazing mother, sister, wife, aunt, cousin, and friend (did I get every relationship she could possibly have? Lol). I am grateful every day that God gave me such an amazing family.
Oh, and her birthday is Monday too! So Happy Early Birthday Sis! I love you! I hope you know what a gift you are to everyone in your life. Your drive and determination blow me away--YOU ROCK!

**Excuse the cruddy photo quality. I used my phone camera and I know it can do better than that. But I don't really know how to change the settings. Hopefully Lacy's in-laws got better pics than I did :(**

Lacy and her Hubby, Dusty
Lacy and her cute family (Hubby--Dusty, and kids--Ryan and Jordyn)
 Lacy with her niece, Becca, who graduated with her in the same field (we are all very proud of Becca as well)

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NanaConnie said...

Pass on our congratulations from out here in blogland! You have every right to be proud of her. Nothing like being a full tie wife and mom and going to school on top of it. Definitely not easy to do, but she did it!