Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Brown Paper Lunch Sack Ruffle Wreath

Ok, so maybe the post title shouldn't say 'inspired'. Maybe it should say downright copied lol. I found a link to this tutorial on Pinterest, and I fell in L.O.V.E.  I have a think for the sort of 'natural' look of kraft colored paper. Couple that with butterflies, and hello! I'm smitten.
Here is a picture of the wreath from the tutorial.

And, here is my version:

Don't you just love it?! I think she made her wreath a lot smaller than mine because she said she used 6-8 paper lunch sacks, and I know I used at least 20 or so. She also said that she used a 2-1/3" scallop circle punch. Mine was 2-3/8", which is very close, but not the same.
I love it. I love the colors and butterflies especially, but it looks a bit small on my door. It took my like 10 hours to make though--literally. So, I don't think I'll be attempting a bigger one anytime soon.

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NanaConnie said...

WOW! Magnificent, Shelly. I like your version better -- it's fuller and the butterflies are wonderful done in patterned papers. I went over and save a link to the tutorial. I really want to try some of these when I find some spare time. I'm already days behind on my blog visits and the busiest part of my summer hasn't even started yet! lol Hugs.