Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heart Punch Paper Flower Tutorial

We're going to make this flower today!

So, I saw this flower on Pinterest. But, when I clicked on it, it didn't take me to a tutorial. It looked pretty easy though, so I decided to try it out myself. And what do you know, it worked! So I decided to make my own little tutorial.
What You Need:

Heart Punch (I used my Stampin Up one, but I'm pretty sure any heart will work. You just need to adjust the size of your cirlce.
Circle Punch--size depends on size of heart your using. You can just freehand a circle if you don't have a punch. No one will see it once your flower is done. Mine is a 1-3/4" Punch from EK Success.
Cardstock--any old color will do. You won't see it once the 'petals' are glued to it
Double Sided Patterned Paper--Mine is an old Stampin UP series
Glue of some sort--I prefer the Tombow Mono permanent adhesive roller or snail adhesive from Stampin Up
Something to roll the petals with --I used an H size crochet hook because it is small in diameter. You could use any round stick like object.
Pretty Brad for Center of Flower--Mine is a Stampin Up jewel brad

Punch 8 hearts from your double sided paper. I think this qty works for all heart punches, but not sure since I've only done this once.
Fold Each Heart in half and 'curl' one side of the heart back with your stick object.
 Ewww........can you tell I've been crafting? My nails are dirty and my cuticles cracked. *Sigh*
Continue to do this to each heart punch. Once they are all done, you can see the flower beginning to take shape by setting them next to each other in 'heart shapes' as seen below.
Punch a circle out of the cardstock piece. Fold the cardstock in half twice creating a center point.
Apply some glue to the first quarter of your cardstock and begin placing the 'petals'. Continue all the way around the circle. You can see I also poked a hole for my brad. You can do this now or later.
Once you are done, push your brad through the hole in the center of your cardstock, and voila--a pretty easy heart paper flower!


NanaConnie said...

Gorgeous, Shell, and a fantastic "How To" !! I'm going to try some of these myself. Thanks.

Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

What a fantastic flower! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I can't wait to make one. I'm now a follower!

Butterfly said...

what a cute flower :) thx for sharing ♥

Cards By Jan said...

What an awesome idea for a flower, Thanks for sharing!!