Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scrapping my Stash

Well, I am supposed to blog on the last day of each month how I did on using my stash up the previous month. I missed doing that yesterday, so I'm doing it today.
I have to admit, I did fall off of the wagon a couple of times.  But, I think I did pretty good.  I only spent around $50 this last month on scrapbooking stuff that was "unnecessary". Necessities are things that you run out of (like cardstock and adhesive) or tools that you break. I bought about $8 worth of cardstock colors that I ran out of and a $10 value pack of adhesive refills which do not count into my unnecessary items. I also spent $20 with Stampin Up that does not count because it is a monthly club that I can't get out of. But, I have already used the stuff I bought, so that's good.
Hobby Lobby is the devil lol.  I cannot resist a 50% off sale on paper or ribbon (or pretty much anything else to be truthful) and their prices are already half or less of what other people charge for that stuff.
Some people would say that I spent a lot. But, I can't even tell you what I was spending before when I had a job ;(
The good news is that I did use up much of my stash. I used a bunch of old adhesive when I ran out of my favorite kind. And I used a lot of the stamps that I have never used before. I used some of the ribbon from my stash and a lot of my cardstock. Although, the scraps aren't going as quickly as one might hope. They are never big enough and I'm thinking hard on throwing away all of the smaller pieces. I also used up some of my stash of embellishments that I have a hard time parting with. So, I am using my stash.
I need to work on using my huge collections of brads and buttons. I don't even know why I have so many buttons--I'm not a huge fan. Except that I got them for free as samples when I was a buyer. So why not take them, right? And they make cute flower centers.
I know I am supposed to say what all I got accomplished (ie:, how many pages, cards, and other projects), but I didn't keep track. All I know is that paper scraps were flying, and my scissors were hot in my chubby little hands lol.
For those of you reading this who do not scrap and have thought about it, please don't take this to mean that scrapbooking is an expensive hobby. It can be pretty cheap if you keep it simple. You don't have to have all of the stupid gadgets and all the pretty "things" that come out. I am just a self-confessed hoarder and sometimes feel that I need them lol. I'm working on that. I promise.


Deb said...

Sounds like you did good to me! Who can resist buying a few things during Sale-a-bration? I'm lucky not to have a Hobby Lobby near me - less temptation is good!

Carolina said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, you spent much less than you used to, that's what counts! I don't know why I keep small scraps, either, but I just can't throw them away!

Betty Anne said...

I think you still did great Shelly. Even though you did buy some things you still didn't spend near as much as you used to and that's what counts. Good going.

Tiffany said...

If you are a hoarder then I don't know what I am! Remember our yard sale when I bought all your stuff that I couldn't even believe you were getting rid of, well I haven't used any of it! Not one single thing! You're good Shelly, I've got probelms!!

Denise said...

If I lived near a Hobby Lobby, sounds like I'd be in trouble too! Sounds pretty hard to resist! (But you can do it!) That's so cool that you used lots of stamps that you had never broken out! I have a ton of these too :( I went crazy w/ CTMH for a while. I am a totally hoarder like you. It helps seeing other people have will power, doesn't it? LOL.

Kim said...

Don't be hard on yourself, it was NECESSITIES! LOL! Have a GREAT Day,
Me-Ma Kim

Nikki said...

I agree, hobby Lobby is the devil, and I can't wait till the one here in AF is done! I'm going to camp out in front of the door the night before they open! Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure:) Let me know if I can doodle anything for you to help keep you in your budget! xox Nikki