Thursday, October 28, 2010


I forget to blog things a lot in my life that are really important. Mostly because I started this blog as a place for me to share my cards and scrapbooking projects. But, my family is who comes here the most. So, I should be sharing my life as well.
On that note, a couple of weeks ago we went down to see some of my mom's side of the family in Mesquite. We haven't seen any of them in about 15 years! That is way too long when you only live 5 hours away from each other. We had some serious fun.
After a hilariously fun road trip with just us sisters (Andy couldn't make it), we spent the night at Aunt Lori's house on Friday night. We went to a car show and fall festival in Overton with Lori and Grandma Hoopes on Saturday morning and met some cousins who don't really remember us lol. They were too young last time.
I'm really glad we went to see them. Grandma has emphysema and lung cancer, so it was important that we did after so many years.

Uncle Rick and Cousin Alicia Singing at the Festival
Mexican Dancers at Festival
Kim, Lacy, Alicia, Lori, and I with Grandma (Dora) Hoopes
Then we drove back to Mesquite and went for a night out on the town with the cousins (Leslie, Preston, and Charlotte), their significant others, Aunt Bonnie and her hubby, Tyler, and Uncle Shan.
There are more pictures, but I didn't really want to surf through them all to pic some good ones for the blog. So, you can find them on Kim's or Lacy's facebook if you're interested. I'm tagged, so even if you're not friends with them, you'll probably see a lot of them if you just click on "view photos of Michelle" under my profile picture.
If anyone knows her, this is so Bonnie!
All the girls--Leslie, Charlotte, Heather (Preston's wife), Lorie, Bonnie, Lacy, Kim, and Me
On our way home, we went to see my mom's road marker where she died. I had been able to avoid picturing the accident up to this point because I couldn't picture where it happened. As soon as I saw the marker, pictures flashed in my mind. Emotions flooded me. She must have been terrified. It was very emotional for all of us. I couldn't have held it together without my sisters there. I kind of wish Andy was there just for this moment. But, then again, maybe it's better that he wasn't. He can barely remember her as it is. But I still wish he'd been there. It was kind of like putting it to rest in my head. Gone but not forgotten.
Me with Mom's marker
Lacy with the marker
Kim with the marker
Her name, birth, and death dates are on the black steel part. You can't see them very well anymore. But they are there.
I love and miss you mom!

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