Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I just wanted to share some cards I've made over the past week. I think I've already stated this, but I've made a deal with myself that I can't buy anymore stamps until I use each set I have at least once. Of course, that deal never entered my head until I had already ordered a new one. Dah! I'm so bad. To be fair though, I am in a stamp club. So, I had to by something. I'm obligated. Plus, the set that I bought goes with punches I already own. So it will help me use my other stuff. Right?

This one was made about a month ago at a workshop. But I liked it and wanted to send it to an old friend that I thought would like it.
These next two were also sent to some old friends. Hope they all liked them. I have a thing for zebra stripes. I {heart} this card lol.
I really like the colors on this card, and I used a stamp set that hasn't been used. The rest of the cards below use this same set. It is the A Little Somethin' set from Stampin Up.
One set-down a zillion to go lol.
I hated this card when I first made it. But, when I took the pic this morning I was really liking it.
I just made these last two today. The argyle on both was stamped using the All Around Argyle set from SU. The star was made using the same set I mentioned for the above cards.
I always have a hard time with boy cards, but I think these are awesome. I was originally just going to do the one, but then a piece of the blue bayou patterned paper (also from SU) fell down next to my black and I was in love with the color combo.
This one is my fave! I really like the colors and grunge look.
Well, thanks for looking.
No news on the employment front. I did find some promising leads on the Utah jobs website today, so hopefully something good happens soon.

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