Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simple Patriotic Card

So, I haven't posted in a few days. Not really a lot going on in my world. Boring really. I'm posting this simple card I made because that's really why I started this blog is to share my creations and a little about me. I should have separate sites for family and crafting, but that's a pain. Anyway, it's like a holiday here in UT the whole month (UT became a state on Jul 24th), so the red white and blue sticks for the whole month. These are my fave colors anyway.


Jacki said...

That is a way cute card Shell! I need to start doing more cardmaking but I have been such a slacker lately.

Scott & Tiffany said...

You always make the cutest cards. You could make some good money selling your stuff! Red, White and Blue have always been my favs too. When are we going to get together and scrap!? Maybe when hunting season rolls around, and our husbands leave us.