Saturday, February 4, 2012

Terrible No Good Very Bad Day.......

So, we're already really having financial trouble around here. I mean, our house payment is more than a month behind and we eat hot dogs a lot kind of broke. Being unemployed for almost a year will really do a number on your financial situation people.
But, today we decided that we needed a break. So we decided to splurge a little bit and went out to eat at a local buffet. Nice little family dinner. We haven't been out in forever. Well, on the way home, my car just stopped running. Right there in the middle of the freeway.......nothing.
Shane called a friend of his from work that knows a lot about cars--even more than Shane. So they both think it's the fuel pump or some other fuel related problem because it's acting like it isn't getting any fuel--cutting out, won't stay running, etc.
We put some more gas in it, and it decides to run. Runs like a champ all the way off of the exit and to the first stop light. Then it dies again. It starts up, we get it home. Shane starts looking into things. didn't get hot, the heater didn't stop working (which is a sign of some sort I guess), he can't see any leaking or anyting obviously wrong under the hood.
Then he checks the oil. O. M. G. There is water in my oil. That is a REALLY BAD sign. It might mean, and most likely does mean, that my head gasket is blown. That costs like thousands to fix. My car isn't worth that. But we still owe money on it, and what will I drive to work?
We'll have to license Shane's truck. It needs a new windshield--and it's a gas HOG. Then I will drive his car--which is in serious need of CV joints. If those go out, I could lose steering and breaks. Scary!
But, I guess you do what ya gotta do. At least we have two vehicles we can get going. Maybe. Don't know where we'll get the money to do even the most necessary of those repairs. But I have to have faith that things will work out. We'll find a way. We have to.
All we wanted was a nice little family dinner splurge. Should have stayed home :(


Jackie Rockwell said...

So sorry to hear about your misfortune. I can relate . . . we have experienced some of these things recently as well. Hope you can keep your spirits up and stay strong until life gets better for you and your family.

Jessica said...

So sorry to hear of your bad news! For a little better news, I've awarded your blog the Liebster Award. Check it out over at my blog at: Congrats!

Grams said...

I am glad you had the dinner. It is just so frustrating when these huge dips get in the road. We usually manage to fall hard. Keep your chin up. Life seems to be picking up a bit better and I am cheering for you to have more happiness and a little freedom from so many stresses. Love You!