Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiddles and Work Fun

First I'm just going to share with you a cutie picture of my niece, Jordyn. She and Ryan were at my house visiting on Saturday, and I let her use my coloring book. Yes, it is mine lol. I love coloring.
Isn't she adorable? I don't have a picture of Ryan :(  I forget to take pics of him because all they ever do is play games, and I see that all the time lol. But next time I definitely will. I love his little face too.
Just kidding. I do have a pic of Ryan. It's just not from Saturday. This is at his 9th birthday party on August 13th. His birthday is the 14th, but they left for Disneyland on that day. Yeah, that was Aunt Kim's gift. Totally trumped anyone else's lol. But we were all happy to see them get the chance to go. She took me and Garrett for his 10th birthday too.
Anywho, this is him opening our gift--a BB gun. He was so excited. He went hunting with us last year, and I think he is hooked. We're excited to shoot it with him next month (on the muzzleloader hunt). 
Onto work news.......
So I just had to share some fun news I got about my job yesterday. One of the owners pulled me aside and asked if I thought of myself as a crafty person. And, despite what y'all might be thinking, I really don't. To me crafty means that you have ideas of your own to make a fun craft project and you just dive right in and get messy and love to try new crafty things. So not me. Really. It isn't.
I peruse the internet for other people's ideas. Then, I find several tutorials and versions of whatever craft has caught my eye. I make sure I know exactly how to do it and what I will need. Then I will try it. I do like to make a mess, and love seeing a handmade work of art by yours truly. But, I hardly ever come up with ideas on my own. And I have to be sure I know what I'm doing (hence the reason I have yet to ever refinish any furniture--too complicated).
So, I was honest. I said I love doing crafts, and I love scrapbooking and cardmaking. But crafty as in coming up with
Well, I guess my 'doing crafts' was good enough because now they want me to come up with 10 simple and easy craft projects to post on Pinterest for them to get the word out about their business. I think it's Pinterest. He wasn't really sure, and his wife is the one doing it. Anyhow, the point is, I get to spend a few days at work just crafting. Well, that's probably not totally true. I'm sure I'll get pulled away for other things intermittently, but it's still going to be fun.
And, they don't have to be works of art or complicated one of a kind things. Just something to show people what you can do with the items they sell. Simple, easy crafties to do with your kids or just a quick project for yourself.
I will try to make sure that I get a link for y'all to view my projects, but I haven't ventured onto Pinterest, so I'll have to figure it out. I know what I'm doing, and the projects involve tulle, ribbon, curling ribbon, hair barrette's, plastic headbands, and silk flowers. All of which is sold by the company I work for--Hairbows Unlimited (retail) & Always Underpay (wholesale).
And, he also told me today that he just wants me to know that I'm doing really well and that they definitely want to keep me. He said he has had experiences in the past with miscommunication and he didn't want me to be all 'up in the air' about how I was doing. So that's awesome. I think I'll like this place :)

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