Thursday, August 4, 2011

Childhood Memories

I just read a post on one of my new favorite blogs, Backwoods Mom, and it made me remember just a couple of things that touched my life in my childhood so much. Here is a link to that post if you want to see it.
I remember going to my grandparents house way up in Huntsville and my grandma would give us chocolate chips in pill bottles and tell us they were medicine. And Grandpa would call us little boys and we were so giggly and eager to correct him.
We always went to my Grandpa Mills's house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had tons of cousins to run around and play with. And my Uncle Brad would tackle my mom to the floor and knock on her face with his hand. He'd make her name 10 brands of cigarettes before he'd let her up. I guess she used to do that to him growing up lol. Before we left my Grandpa would always say, "May the good Lord take a liking to ya, cause no one else is gonna." He still says that.
I remember when my dad was laid off of work and my mom went back to work to help with bills. He would stay up every night and read to us. And, after we got out of the tub, he would brush our hair and put it up in rollers. My dad is a sucker for a little girl :) He also would dress us for school every day, and that was sometimes a bit comical. 
I remember when we were little and bored out of our minds, my mom would pull out the dress-up box and we would be princesses, witches, Egyptian Queens, you name it. And if we didn't have what we wanted to dress up, she would help us make it.
I remember my sisters and I throwing blankets in the air to make our own doll houses lol. However the blanket landed, we would fashion our own Barbie bedrooms complete with slide exits that would end up in our personal pretend pools. That was fun.
I remember watching The Jungle Book with my brother 14 times a day. And I remember how he has always been able to pick up on the funniest things in movies and remember them forever. I also remember playing the "ketchup" or "kaboom" game with him on the bed to make him giggle. And bouncing him on my knee to the farmer song. And suggesting to he and our stepsister that maybe sliding down the stairs on a shiny sleeping bag might be fun. 
Awww.......that was a fun trip down memory lane.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Such good memories :0)

Remember sliding down grandmas stairs and breaking our dress shoes? Those stairs were steep! And remember sitting on top of the van at the drive in? Why do those thins seem so dangerous now? LOL. We were tough, thats all.

We had a great childhood and I wouldn't trade any of it for a minute.

Your sister :0) Kimberly

Nana Connie said...

Oh, your list of memories takes me back to my childhood (which was several years before your -- lol) and my grammy. I named my blog for her. Maybe it's time to recycle that very first posting in which I talk about her and why the blog was named as it was. Thanks for the memory jog. Hugz.

Tiffany said...

Love it Shelly! How sweet.