Sunday, August 3, 2008

Masculine Thank You Card

This is a thank you card that I made for Shane's dad today. He has helped us out so much lately. I'm not going to go into all the sad details, but my husband and his dad haven't been close at all throughout his life. Over the last few years they've started spending a lot more time together. And, since his dad sold the family farm, they've been able to do a bit more. He even took Shane on an Alaskan fishing trip last year. This month they're going again, and they're taking Garrett with them (woo hoo, free week for me--JK). I'm just really glad that they seem to be getting to know one another again and that they can spend this time together now. I've been lucky with my family. We've always been close, and I hope we always will. I can see now how fortunate I am because some families aren't that way.


lisa said...

just blog hopping while the kiddos sleep. I like your playlist!

Jacki said...

Cute card Shell. I love the beach layout that you did with Garrett,its super cute! Wish I was more motivated to do cards and scrapbooking like you.