Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tag--I'm it!

Tag I'm it!!
I am responding to the tag that Lacy did on her blog :)
4 people I Love: Shane, Garrett and the rest of the family- you can't just say 1 because I love them all :)
4 places I visit over and over: Asher's, Carter's, Robert's Crafts, and Albertson's
4 people I text/email on a regular basis:Lacy, Kim, Autumn, and Shane
4 favorite foods: Mexican, Italian, burgers and fries, and tomatoes
4 places I'd rather be: Shopping, at a movie, somewhere tropical, or camping :)
4 things I'd rather be doing: Scrapbooking, Sleeping (so tired), camping, or maybe reading if I wasn't tired.
4 Movies I watch over and over: Pretty Woman, Can't Buy Me Love, Halloweentown (all of them), and Wizard of Oz4
4TV shows I watch over and over: Biggest Loser, Friends, Sex and the City, and Sell This House
4 Bands I love: Metallica, Motley Crew, Def Leopard, and Poison (Can you say 80's child)
4 Songs I love: Promiscuos Girl (Nelly Furtado), Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake), We're Not Gonna Take It(Twisted Sister), Time after Time (Cindi Lauper)
4 people that I tag: Jacki and Tiffany--I don't know anyone else that has a blog (at least well enough to tag them) lol.

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Scott & Tiffany said...

Holy 80's child! That cracks me up!