Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some More Cards

I have a couple more cards to share really quick. A friend of mine is a stylist, and she said I could trade her some cards for a color--woop woop! My blue streaks have faded to green, and I'm getting more gray as we speak, so I was really excited. And, whatever she doesn't keep for herself she lets me sell there at her salon. So, win win!
I think I'm just going to get my natural color back this time, or maybe just slightly darker brown. Then maybe when summer comes I will get some highlights.
Anyway, here are the three new cards I wanted to share today.

Let me know whatcha think!

1 comment:

NanaConnie said...

Delightful cards, Shell! Love the gentle pastels and die cuts. Holding my breath for the asparagus recipe so don't be too long. I live near the delta in California where the best asparagus grows and we get it so fresh every day during March and April. We even hold an Asparagus Festival the third weekend in April each year. I buy in quantities and can it for the rest of the year. :-D