Thursday, June 16, 2011

Card Swap

I made a set of 20 of the above card for a card swap I am in on Monday. I wouldn't post this and ruin the surprise for my fellow swappers, but I don't think I really know any of them. This is my first Stampin Up card swap with this (or any other) group. So it's highly unlikely that they are going to read my blog yet lol. Except maybe my demonstrator, Loni Spendlove. So, sorry if you read this and I ruined it Loni lol.  I just have a different post scheduled for Monday so I wanted to do this one a few days before so it won't get buried. I also have a hard time not sharing as soon as I'm done :) Maybe it's a good thing I waited til nearly the last minute to do them then huh?
And just so y'all know that I am NOT a creative genius lol, I cased this card by ceramics on Splitcoaststampers. This is such a wonderful site to go to for inspiration, or downright plagerism if you will :)

1 comment:

Davi said...

Very pretty card with the soft pink and embossing. Im sure the swappers will be delighted with it!