Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burraston Pond

This last weekend we went down to Burraston Ponds in Mona with some good friends of ours to do a little fishing, swimming, and relaxing. We totally had a blast, but we stunk like pond water (ewwwww......) when we got home and were fighting over the shower lol.
Normally I'm too self conscious to get in the water, and I haven't worn a swimsuit in two years now. But, it was so hot, and we were having so much fun that I braved it. I still didn't wear a swimsuit, but I got in the water.
I wish I had taken more pictures, or at least better ones. But, the having of the fun was more important :)
Me and Pam before swimming

Shane has been working tons of Saturdays, but he ended up with two off in a row (on Father's Day weekend we went down to my Dad's house in Fountain Green for a little family bbq). So he really enjoyed fishing and relaxing with friends too. Hopefully he'll be getting most Saturdays off for a while.
Shane and John
It took a little time for G to get in the water, but eventually he did. And he had fun. But, Pam ended up having to go buy another float tube so he could float around with us. And, I forgot sunscreen, so he got a bit of a sunburn. I just never even thought about it (bad mom!).

Garrett before swimming. He will not let me cut that hair--grrrr!
Colin (left) and Dustin (right)

Of course, Angel had a blast chasing the ball and sticks into the water with Bella. Aren't they the prettiest dogs you have ever seen? 
Anyway, that's been our last couple of weeks. I still don't have a job, but I have a good tan lol. I've spent lots of time out visiting with Pam in the yard this summer. But, she just got a job after being laid off for only a month (why can't I find one?), so that has come to an end now. I have a job interview tomorrow--cross your fingers for me.
I'm going to try to post family and other life stuff on here a little more. I've been using this as a crafty blog, which I will still do, but I want it to be about my life. Not just my hobby. So, we'll see how that goes.

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Leah said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love summer...